6 CRM Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

Your CRM is built to work for you and designed to succeed with you. It processes and stores all your valuable client data while highlighting key relationships. Your CRM even automates administrative tasks to save your team time, so don’t compromise its value with avoidable implementation and maintenance mistakes. Here are six deadly CRM mistakes and what you can do to prevent them.

3 Tips to Keep Your CRM From Failing After Implementation

You just spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours implementing your new CRM. Now what? According to a Merkel Group study, up to 63% of CRM initiatives fail. It’s time to take preventative measures to ensure the viability of your CRM and maximize your newfound data potential. Here are three tips to keep your CRM from failing after implementation.

What is Drip Marketing?

What is drip marketing? Well, you asked the right person. As the Director of Marketing here at TAI, I have some direct connection with this topic. Here’s how I describe drip marketing: Drip marketing is like a casual dinner party – your guests arrive at different times and from various places, but they are all lead to the same buffet once they get there. When a new guest walks up to the buffet, she starts on the side of the table with appetizers and makes her way down to the desserts. It doesn’t matter that five other guests are already eating dessert, she hasn’t built up to that point yet and so it is logical for her, individually, to experience the buffet from its origin.

Infor CRM Tip: How to Find Specific Attachments

I recently helped a client who was looking for a solution that would enable him to find specific attachments quickly based on their intended use. For example, an Account might have several attachments associated with it, but the user may want to know which of those various attachments is being used for which specific purposes. A "specific purpose" might be something like a contract for the account, or a support agreement.

3 Ways to Improve Sales Team Transparency

Transparency is more than just a business buzz word. It’s a catalyst for communication and accountability throughout an organization. Transparency is the key to 360 degree views of what’s happening, collaboration between all departments, and a real understanding of what’s going on throughout the sales cycle. So how can you improve sales team transparency? Here are three ways:

3 Predictive Analytics for CRM

There is a gigantic and horrifying sea of predictive analytics research & theory out there – so much so that it could make your head spin. So, for the sake of sanity, let’s hone-in on three of the major predictive analytics types for CRM and how they can make you a smarter, savvier, sales or marketing professional.