Creating OnChange and OnSave events in SugarCRM

When I started digging into customizing SugarCRM I often found it difficult to follow along with suggested solutions. I mainly searched the SugarCRM forums for help on specific questions. Most of the time I could find sample code but not the information on how to use it. In this blog post I'll show how to create a very basic onload and onchange event for a module. The specific example I will work towards is implementing a Subtype dropdown based on the Type dropdown in the Cases module.

Export Groups Containing Pick List Values to a File in SalesLogix

Many times when building a group, some of the columns will be required to display a value from a pick list.  This is easily accomplished by setting the “Format Type” property of the column to the value “Picklist Item”.  However, if the group is to be exported to a file, e. g. Excel, you will notice that the columns displaying values from a Pick List contain the internal code for the item instead of the value in the exported file. This is because the data retrieved for exporting to a file does not have the formatting applied to columns as the Group Manager would normally do.

Creating a Quote in SalesLogix Web Using Mail Merge

In SalesLogix Web, when you create an “E-mail/Letter/Fax Using Template” it can be a little confusing what happens to the document and how to update it.  Here are the steps for creating and updating a Quote using the Mail Merge engine.

Surf to the contact you want to quote and click the Write button -> Letter -> and select the Template you wish to use.  Or click More Templates and find the template you wish to use.

Changing SalesLogix - Latest Account Parameters (or any out-of-the-box Group)

You get a handful of Groups out-of-the-box when you purchase SalesLogix - some that may be useful, and some not. If you find that they are almost useful, you can take some initiative and make them useful for your organization by copying the group, and then changing the logic. For instance, let's say you want to change the Latest Accounts group to show Accounts that have been modified in the last 60 days (the default is 30), and that are labeled as Type = ‘Prospect', and you want everyone to see this in place of the original Latest Accounts group.

Hiding Tabs in SalesLogix v7.5 Web Client

SalesLogix has a handy feature that has been around through many versions of the software. Some organizations use the feature, some have never heard of it, some will never have a use for it. If you read the title, you would know that I am talking, of course, about hiding tabs.

If your SalesLogix users complain about having too much going on at the bottom of their screen, and you do not want to spend time training each one of them on how they can hide unuseful tabs, you can take care of it for everyone, yourself.

If you are using SalesLogix LAN clients, you would take care of this in the Administrator, or Architect applications. This has not changed over the course of new SalesLogix versions. If you would like to remove tabs in the SalesLogix WEB client; however, things work a little differently...

Accessing Your SalesLogix via Remote Database vs. Remote Desktop

SalesLogix has two methods of accessing your data when you are not in the office: Remote Desktop and Remote Database. The remote desktop option allows you to log into a computer that is in your office from wherever you may be. If this is a method that multiple people will use, often then a terminal server will need to be set up with SalesLogix installed on it. Some type of VPN will also have to be set up so that your company's local network can be accessed from the outside.