Import Data Using the Sugar Import Wizard

Sometimes, you need to add a group of records into your CRM database. SugarCRM includes an Import Wizard to help you correctly and easily import a list of records. This post shows how to import data using the sugar import wizard.

Users can access the Import Wizard from the dropdown action menus for modules via the navigation bar. SugarCRM allows importing of Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Targets, Cases, Calls, Meetings, Tasks, and Notes. Versions 6.5.10 and higher also allow importing Contracts.

Approaches to Training an Enterprise on CRM

At Technology Advisors, we have a lot of experience with all aspects of implementing CRM systems. We’ve been around and doing this for over 10 years now. Time and time again, we find one aspect of an implementation that is often overlooked: training. So much focus is often placed on the requirements, design, and development (and rightfully so), that training can often be an afterthought for an organization.  This is very dangerous.  I mean, think about it, you are making a huge investment in your CRM system; however, if your users can’t use it, how will it ever be successful?

Administering SalesLogix Classes (2009)

These SalesLogix classes are based off of Sage's Certified Course Curriculum, which offer plenty of hands-on exercises and step-by-step instructions. The manuals that attendees take home with them after the class can be very helpful resources later on when they are trying to implement Speedsearch, or set up Outlook Integration, etc...  All this information is driven home by our Certified Trainers' ability to break it down and really tell you what works and what doesn't.