The latest Creatio release – Atlas 8.0 – revealed some exciting new features! The Application Hub and Freedom Page Designer have brought no code design to a whole new level.

Have you ever made field changes in Section Wizard and wished you could move things to different areas on the page, change colors, or add or remove buttons? The latest Creatio release is putting new tools for customizing apps, pages, and sections directly in the hands of users so you can customize your CRM to make it completely yours.

The Application Hub is a module for managing your applications. It allows you to design and launch new applications, configure existing applications, and gives you a consolidated view of all your applications.

The Freedom Designer is a no-code development workplace that simplifies the creation of pages within your new or existing applications using no-code design tools. The Freedom Designer lives within the Application Hub and consists of effective tools to create and modify pages using a library of pre-defined views, widgets, and templates to accelerate the design process. No code needed … Just drag it, drop it, and it’s there!

Using the Coolest Features of Freedom Designer Through Application Hub

The Application Hub is a library of your applications in Creatio. You can access Application Hub from the gear Settings icon in Creatio.

location of hub on your account

This section has an all-new UI where the applications are displayed as tiles. The section displays both custom apps and base applications that comprise Creatio.

application hub icons

You can edit pages and/or sections of any of the existing applications or create a completely new application using the no code tools in the Freedom Designer.

Pick colors from options provided

Let’s look at some of the coolest features of the Freedom Designer that can be utilized through the Application Hub to make new or existing pages more visually engaging.

Here are some options.

Creating a List Page

Once you create a new application, you will want to create a related list page to list that related data.

Create a list page once you have new application

The Freedom Designer allows you to:

  • Drag and drop areas to different parts of the page
  • Add charts, buttons, change the layout
  • Add Input buttons by dragging them where you want to place them on the page
  • Freeze columns on the page and Hide columns from User view

Creating a Form Page

Similarly, after the creation of a new application, you will want to create a form page to capture data and create new records in your application.

With the Freedom Designer, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping charts, components, and layouts where you want to place them on the page.

Drag icons where you wish to place them

A settings panel on the right provides options to customize areas of the page. Different elements on the page have different customizations available to them.

In the below example, you have the ability to set the number of rows and columns in a grid, change the color, add borders, and even change the spacing.

customize each icon

Components can perform some action. For example, you can add a button to the page which can complete one of many actions. Then, add an Icon and position the button.

add a button to your page

Charts can be added to the List and Form pages. You can set up the chart from the settings panel after adding it to your page layout. Customize the chart type, which object to show data from, and how to sort and display the data.

customize your chart

Here’s a sample of a customized forms page created for a new application using charts, grids, tabs and details:

example custom form page

Section Wizard vs. Application Hub

The new Application Hub will eventually replace what we do today in Section Wizard, however, there are some features of Section Wizard which are not yet available in Application Hub.

For example, creating business rules, adding base functions of the list page such as filtering and summaries, and creating new detail objects must still be completed in Section Wizard.

There is no doubt that the Application Hub provides a lot more flexibility than the Section Wizard, however, with this release, not everything has crossed over to the Application Hub. All standard objects and objects built before the 8.0 release can only be modified in the Section Wizard and anything that will be built in the Application Hub can only be modified through the Application Hub.  Currently, there is no ability to switch between Application Hub and Section Wizard, but eventually everything will transition to the Application Hub/Freedom Designer.

A few updates have already been made in the latest 8.0.1 release at the end of April. Keep an eye out for more Creatio updates to find out what else is coming up in future releases to further support the transition to Application Hub.

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