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Our philosophy of listening, personalizing, and staying with you isn't just a tagline, it's our innate belief as a company. We want to see our customers succeed, so, we start by listening. Our staff sets up a free discovery call to understand your your goals, your roadblocks, your budget, and the inner workings of your business. We use these insights to find the best fitting solution and personalize an implementation and training approach to match.

Our software experts are nearby and ready to help with system upgrades and customizations, while our in-house teams deliver training and free educational experiences for you and your entire company. After your implementation, TAI stays by your side, providing a Customer Success Manager who acts as your point of contact for the remainder of your software lifetime.

Core Values


Our team of software professionals is committed to expanding their expertise through continued education, training, and research. We keep our skillsets up-to-date so we can deliver the most professional and informed insights to our clients.


Superior businesses not only meet needs, but also exceed expectations. That’s the type of experience we want to give our clients, and we work every day to make it a reality.


C.S. Lewis famously said “integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” At TAI, we stand by the principles of integrity in every facet of our business conduct. We believe our professional integrity is the cornerstone for building trusted partnerships and lasting relationships.


When TAI launched in 1991, it focused on the up-and-coming world of CRM. Today, we’ve established ourselves as CRM experts, and so much more. We’re a company of innovators – from building our own top-rated integration/migration tool, to customizing platforms, crafting new solutions, and expanding our software partnerships, TAI continues to make ambitious strides in CRM and business software.

We're Here to Help You Succeed

We Listen

We Personalize

We Stay With You

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Our Management Team

Mary Biardo


Mary joined Technology Advisors in the early 1990s as the principal overseer of finances and management. Mary's 30+ years of experience informs her insights on business plans and acquisition discussions. In her role as principal overseer, Mary spearheads accounting, forecasting, human resources, and office management. When she's not working, Mary enjoys gardening and playing with her grandson.

Mike Denzel

Financial Juggler

As CFO, Mike has the primary responsibility for the planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of a company, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations. He provides strategic recommendations to the CEO’s office and advises other senior team leaders. Mike’s started with TAI during the Y2K scare and provides financial and tax consulting to other closely held businesses.

Sam Biardo

Founder, CEO

Sam Biardo is the CEO and founder of Technology Advisors, Inc. Sam started the business in 1990 as a general software consulting company and narrowed its focus to Sales, Marketing, and Customer services systems. He made TAI a boutique digital transformation company for CRM. Sam co-hosts CRMTalk, a weekly CRM news show available on iTunes.

Valerie Parker

Director of PMO

Valerie leads the Project Management team at TAI. She came to TAI with many years of technical programming and management experience from a series of Fortune 15 companies in the hospital supply arena. With background in areas such as Technology Development, Operations Support, Sales Support, Order Processing, HR, and Payroll, she brings a wealth of knowledge to TAI. Valerie has been with TAI over 10 years and in her spare time enjoys working puzzles, building with power tools, cooking and eating healthfully, and anything in the color of fuchsia.

Justin Kuehlthau

Director of Services

Justin is a Customer Relationship Management, CRM, software business analyst and consultant with fifteen years of experience in the industry. Justin started at Technology Advisors on the support desk where he learned extensively about all facets of CRM software. He was quickly promoted to the role of consultant where he learned the entire process of software consulting from pre-sales to post production support. Later he led the SugarCRM Practice and now works as the Director of Services.

Molly Anderson

Director of Sales

Molly is the Director of Sales at Technology Advisors. She leads TAI’s Pre-Sales team and works directly with prospects to help them successfully choose a CRM solution. Molly’s role is to help guide prospects through their evaluation process by providing product information, strategic planning and requirements assistance, as well as product demos and pricing. In her free time, Molly enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and trying new restaurants in Chicago!

Danine Midura

Director of Marketing

Danine is the Director of Marketing for Technology Advisors Inc. She spearheads TAI events, marketing campaigns, website management, and social media efforts. Her interests include blockbuster disaster movies, tank tops in an array of colors, used book stores, Jurassic Park, and being surrounded by trees.

Meaghan Dries

Director of Customer Success

Meaghan is the Director of the Customer Success Program at TAI. She leads TAI’s Customer Success team and works directly with customers to help align business goals with CRM functionality. Meaghan’s role is to help ensure that all customers are enabled to make more of their CRM and software journey by providing insights on product compatibility, communicating crucial product information, and answering customer questions and concerns.

Tricia Cate

VP of Channel Sales

Tricia manages direct and channel sales & marketing for the Starfish division of Technology Advisors. Bringing 26 years of ISV sales experience, Tricia is passionate about helping customers and partners with their data migration and integration projects. Tricia is living the dream with her daughter and grandson on the Olympic Peninsula. In her spare time, Tricia is traveling the world as a tour guide, offering her guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the far reaches of the planet and learn a little photography in the process.

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