Creating Fraud Alerts in the Creatio Banking Application

When working with the Creatio Banking application, it is important to track fraud related conditions connected to customer financial accounts. When a customer calls or walks in, we’ll need to pull up the customer record and have any important alerts show up indicating a problem.

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How to Fix “CurrentTimeAndDate” Inaccuracies in Your Creatio Business Process

While building a Creatio business process, it’s quite common to use the system’s current date to denote the moment a record update is being made. We just need to use the current date system variable and Creatio will automatically assign the current date/time when the process runs.

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date and time setting in Creatio
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Streamlining Complex Date-Based Calculations in Creatio Processes

Hopefully these examples provide a good basis to perform any date-based calculations that you need in Creatio. Feel free to reuse these to reduce your codebase as much as possible.

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Creatio date calculations
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Configuring Different Page Layouts in Creatio

Creatio’s Freedom UI editor allows system administrators to configure different pages based on a specific field value. This post will teach you how to configure different page layouts in Creatio.

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page layouts in Creatio
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How to Automatically Assign Record Types in Creatio

Although Creatio’s processes can be used for some complex use cases, we can also create many simple processes to help eliminate manual work for users. One common process we’ve seen requested is to automatically assign record [type] by default when creating a new record in Creatio.

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assign record types in Creatio
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Two Use Cases for Lists in Creatio’s Freedom UI

Here are two use cases of when a list can be used in Creatio’s Freedom UI, and how to add it to your page.

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Creatio Lists

The Psychological Factors Behind Security Fatigue: A Deep Dive

Security fatigue is increasingly recognized as having significant consequences for businesses where it has a foothold. As a business leader, it's an ethical duty to your workforce and a commercial imperative to take action to address this issue.

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security fatigue
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How AI and Industry 4.0 are Transforming Labor-Based Industries Through Automation

Automation in labor-based industries is nothing new. However, technology is pushing automation’s capabilities further. The combination of the fast decision-making power of artificial intelligence (AI) driven systems with the tools of Industry 4.0 has greatly transformed and positively impacted…

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industry 4.0 automation
Security, Data Management

Why Cybersecurity Matters: Protecting Your Business in an Online World

A robust cybersecurity plan can protect you against malicious actors and prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive data. This is key to the long-term growth of your firm, as breaches are becoming increasingly expensive. Start by identifying data priorities that could undermine the integrity…

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importance of cybersecurity
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How to Store API Integration Keys in Creatio’s Application Cache

Hopefully this provides a good understanding of how the application cache can be leveraged to store API keys and other information that need to be cached and reused at the Creatio application level.

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Creatio application cache
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How to Modify Creatio Global Search to Add Colors That Highlight Important Data Points

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a way to highlight certain data to quickly draw our attention to it? You can modify Creatio’s global search by coloring the data in a way that grabs your attention. In this post, I’ll explain how. creatio

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add colors to Creatio

[Infographic] The Role of CRM in Wholesale Banking

Wholesale banking provides a suite of services to large entities across various segments. This requires highly effective and targeted relationship management. So, how does a CRM facilitate that? What actions is CRM enabling to help wholesale banking thrive? Let’s take a look.

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Real Estate

Improve Your Online Discoverability: 8 SEO Tips for Realtors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes all the best parts of organic digital marketing and rolls them into one. With the support of multiple backlinks, adequate keywords, and a consistent upload rate of fresh, engaging content, you can ensure a steady stream of customers with high conversion…

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real estate SEO
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Troubleshooting a Printable Error Message in Creatio

Creatio’s printable functionality helps you build some fairly complex reports with report headers and tables. With small reports, it’s usually easy to track report changes and make sure they’re in sync with the database when you change or removing fields that are no longer needed. Sometimes,…

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printable report
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Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management

Consumer ambitions, beliefs, and emotions signal their choices and reflect their brand loyalty; and if your business is not speaking to those experiences, you are not resonating. In this article, we delve into the vital role of emotional intelligence in fostering customer relationships and setting…

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emotional intelligence
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The Future of Online Therapy for Gen Z

Better access to care is especially important when it comes to mental health services. Having easy access to a therapist or psychologist can make a huge difference in any person’s life, but digital therapy is particularly beneficial for newer generations like Gen Z. Teens and young adults are…

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mental health for gen z
Data Management, Security

Business Power Moves: Harnessing a Robust IT Infrastructure

A robust and well-designed IT infrastructure is essential to running a scalable and competitive business. In this post, we'll explore the advantages of a robust IT infrastructure, check out some real-world examples of successful IT infrastructures, and offer tips for making the most of your…

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IT infrastructure
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How to Install and Launch a Creatio Local Instance

This blog lays out the steps to deploy Creatio locally on your Windows machine. Read on for step-by-step instructions.

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how to install creatio locally
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HubSpot Introduces SMS Features to Elevate Marketing

HubSpot recently announced SMS marketing features built-in to its robust marketing platform. In this blog, we’ll lay out all the must-know information about HubSpot SMS and how it can elevate your marketing efforts.

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HubSpot SMS

Building Blocks for Success: Selecting the Right Team for Your Software Implementation

A successful software implementation relies on the combined knowledge of your software consultant and your internal team. That's why it's so important to choose the right group of people to be part of your project. What skills and experience should these individuals have? How should you define their roles and responsibilities? Read on for practical advice on building the best possible software implementation team.

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Software Selection

How to Choose the Perfect CRM Software in 3 Steps

The perfect CRM for you is out there, somewhere. The key to finding it depends on your team’s ability to laser focus on your goals and translate them into capabilities and features. For the average person, this can feel overwhelming, but you have a decided advantage: the insight of seasoned…

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CRM selection
AI and Machine Learning

Tech, AI, and Ethics: Shaping a More Efficient and Responsible Business Future

When leveraged effectively, AI can save time, pad profit margins, and reduce the risk of human error. AI can also help your business take advantage of unwieldy data sets, which can improve the veracity of your business decision-making. But, with great power comes great responsibility — particularly…

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AI ethics
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Demystifying Lead Scoring

In this blog, we’ll demystify lead scoring by looking at common lead scoring models, when to use them, and the best practices for applying them.

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demystifying lead scoring
CRM, Software Implementation

7 Expert Tips for a Seamless CRM Implementation

With more than 33 years of CRM implementation experience under our belts, Technology Advisors is an authority at ensuring CRM success. Here are our expert tips for a seamless CRM implementation.

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seamless CRM implementation header
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Digital Best Practices to Incorporate to Improve Patient Retention

While it’s important to attract new patients to your practice, retaining them might be even more essential. Patients who trust your facility, your staff, and your message are more likely to become brand ambassadors for you. They’ll also end up costing you less money when it comes to your marketing…

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