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The Challenges of Pharma

Tracking Expenses

The Affordable Care Act puts in place strict guidelines on the amount of money a sales person can spend educating doctors and their staff on clinical solutions. CRM is a natural tool to document who you are meeting with, for how long, the purpose, and any expenses to confirm compliance.

Targeting New Customers

Many times, existing medicine can be used for multiple treatment options. This requires pharma reps to visit different specialties and speak to the benefits of their product for that specialty. CRM reveals the underlying data to help reps target each customer effectively, with messaging that resonates.

Restricted Access to Physicians & Staff

The time a doctor and their staff spends with a sales representative could be spent with a patient. Pharma reps must work within the doctor's limited time slots to meet and explain the benefits of their product. CRM can help coordinate visits and create trip routes to minimize travel time.

Determining Sales Effectiveness

After meeting with the physician, the measure of success is whether they will they prescribe your products. Integration with prescriber databases can determine if the visit changed the doctor's prescribing behaviors. This can help determine which sales approach is the most effective when working with the physician.

Creating New Channels to Physicians

Office visits are time consuming, and because of a doctor's schedule, can have a lot of wait time. There are new ways to connect to physicians that can be just as effective. CRM can track the best approach for working with a physician to increase the number of visits per day.

Tailoring Communication to Different Customer Needs

Depending on the physician’s specialty, Pharma reps must modify the messaging to meet the specific treatment needs. CRM can be used to coach reps on how to tailor the message for a specific specialty.

Clinical Training Requirements

Before physicians prescribe a drug they usually go through a process discussing dosage and conditions for treatment. This can sometimes take one or more visits. CRM can track the progress of training. It can provide access to FAQs that doctors might have after training and identify needs for future training.

Documenting Visits

All visits with a physician must be documented. Mobile CRM lets sales document a visit while the conversation is fresh in their mind.

Pharma Case Study

ReCept started looking for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution when management realized their current system was holding everyone back. The old system was not compatible with ReCept’s other programs, so sales representatives were doing double the work to track and maintain customer demographic information. Technology Advisors worked with ReCept to implement both Infor CRM and Xbar as a new CRM solution. As coworkers saw one another succeed, they wanted to adopt the new system themselves.

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