Technology Advisors' Approach to CRM Implementation

There are two approaches to CRM implementation: plan driven and value driven. The best known plan driven methodology is called Waterfall, while the most popular value driven is known as Agile. A combination of these approaches is known as hybrid. Each approach is applicable for different types of CRM projects. To meet the needs of every type of business and every size implementation, Technology Advisors created tailored options based on these concepts. Learn more about our CRM implementation methodology on this page, and then contact us to get started with your next CRM project.

TAI's Three Implementation Approaches

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so they should have CRM implementation approaches that match their needs. Technology Advisors developed three implementation approaches that are designed to help you get the most of your CRM investment based on the size and complexity of your project: Basic, QuickStart, and Enterprise. Read below to learn more about these three options.

Basic Implementation

This approach is best for smaller CRM implementation projects. It is an out-of-the-box customized implementation designed to get you up-and-running quickly so you can gain the fastest return on your CRM investment. The Basic implementation is based on the premise that software will cost more than 2x its services within three years. Therefore, to maximize ROI, the system must be configured quickly and with minimally viable features so it can start paying back your investment within 6 weeks of its purchase. To truly benefit from this implementation and keep the system aligned with your requirements, TAI requires you to follow a continuous improvement process as part of this approach. A Basic implementation is not designed for companies replacing a complex CRM system.

QuickStart Implementation

Our hybrid approach, meant for mid-sized projects, is called a QuickStart. In a QuickStart, we use a Waterfall approach to develop the implementation strategy and requirements, and then switch to an Agile approach for development. The QuickStart includes all the configurations found in the Basic approach, plus the ability to accommodate marketplace items, integrations, and some custom coding. It works well for customers who need more than an out-of-the- box solution and for those who wish to replace an existing CRM but do not want to change processes. It is not suited for large organizations who wish to do a multi-divisional rollout or any organization that wishes to rebuild their processes.

Enterprise Implementation

This type of CRM implementation relies on a time-tested Agile approach. For an Enterprise implementation, Technology Advisors uses workshops to rapidly define processes and determine user stories, then follows up with interviews and reviews to validate those stories. We create a strategic plan with a phased release, the first release resulting in the minimal viable product. Using this Agile methodology, large organizations can gain the highest ROI possible and set a strategy for continual improvement of their CRM system. An Enterprise implementation is not suited for smaller organizations.

Continuous Improvement

A crucial piece to a Basic or QuickStart implementation is the Continuous Improvement process. Continuous Improvement is an ongoing effort to incrementally enhance your CRM experience over time. Because the first release of the software is completed so quickly, it's unlikely you will get all your "nice to have" features right away. Through Continuous Improvement, additional features and functions are prioritized for upcoming release cycles. This enables your team to continue using the system while adding improvements throughout the coming weeks and months. Talk to our Solutions Consultants to learn more about Continuous Improvement and whether it's right for you.

CRM Implementation Packages

Features Basic QuickStart Enterprise
Approach Waterfall Hybrid Agile
Requirements Out of Box
Release Plan x x
Custom Training x ✔- Extra
Custom User Guide x ✔- Extra
Standard Components
Configuration of Standard Components Limited Limited
New Modules Limited Limited / Extra
Customer Code x Limited / Extra
Test Planning x ✔- Extra
Testing By User Acceptance only
Ability to change / modify requirements after approval x x
Add Marketplace items x ✔- Extra
Integrations Limited Limited / Extra
Project Team 1 Limited to 10 Limited to 10
Documentation x

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What Customers Say About Us

I have worked with TAI for over 15 yrs. with my past two organizations and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come. Working with TAI has proven to be a one stop shop for my organization from all phases of CRM support and technology review to quality and cost analysis and product review. This has ensured we have had the latest technology at a fair price for our organization with amazing support from TAI.
Linda Stanko, Recept Pharmacy
We have been working with Technology Advisors since 2013 and we will continue this great relationship. Their knowledge of SugarCRM is second to none and together we are able to tackle many difficult software integrations to shape Sugar to best fit our needs.
Jean-Paul Lupori, Captive Resources, LLC
One of the things that stood out from the start was the transparency and the helpfulness of being able to guide us along the paths that were the best for us. Technology Advisors always did their best to make sure that we are on the same page with all the new ideas and initiatives that we come up with.
Tim Ryan, Hershey's Ice Cream
Throughout the past 4 years, TAI has not only become an extension of our team, but a crucial asset. We truly appreciate their attention to detail & their ability to bring our out-of-the-box CRM needs to fruition.
Tara Cowling, AEM
We’ve been working with Technology Advisors for over 3 years. With their guidance, we’ve been able to innovate and create business processes that enable us to be more efficient with our time and money.
Dan Johnson, BASYS