Technology Advisors offers various implementation strategies to fit the type of work required. JumpStart, QuickStart, and Enterprise methodologies are three levels of one style of implementation. Learn more about what these strategies involve and how they work below.

Three Unique Implementation Approaches

Every customer wants their own special sauce in their CRM, from unique sales or lead processes to customized information collection. That’s why TAI offers three distinct implementation approaches.

JumpStart Approach

Our JumpStart approach is designed for customers who have less than 50 users and who want to use the product out-of-the-box with little or no integration. This is a streamlined implementation approach that can get the user up and running in less than four weeks.

QuickStart Approach

Our QuickStart approach is designed for organizations that have at least 35 users, need multiple add-on products, and require integrations with other systems. The QuickStart approach includes mini-requirements analysis, CRM blueprints, implementation tactics, data migration, and live classroom training.  QuickStart is our suggested approach for anyone who needs a more comprehensive implementation.

Enterprise Approach

These projects are designed to have the best of both the JumpStart and QuickStart approaches. Scoping, requirements, and user stories are generated and approved. Then, an implementation phase begins using one-week agile sprints.  The number of sprints vary based on the site of the engagement. After the product is built, a formal testing and change management process begins to ensure the product works the first time. Our Enterprise approach works best with sales teams that have more than 100 users, at companies where implementation is multi-departmental, or for those who require complex integrations.

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2 Joint Design Sessions with the Following Stages:

  1. Review Screens & Data Load Process
  2. Review Reports, Mobile, & Data Load

Followed by:

  1. Web-based Training
  2. Go Live


4 Joint Design Sessions of the Following Stages:

  1. Review Screens
  2. Review Reports & Mobile
  3. Custom Data Migration
  4. Integrations & Add-ons

Followed by:

  1. Live Training
  2. Administrator Training
  3. Go Live


Planning & Requirements

  1. Scoping
  2. Business Requirements
  3. Functional Requirements
  4. Use Case Development

One Week Development Sprints Based on Use Cases:

  1. Testing
  2. Custom Training

Scheduling & Planning

  1. Schedule
  2. Prioritize
  3. Evaluate

Sessions of the Following Stages Based on Requirements:

  1. Testing
  2. Production
  3. Custom Training
  4. Project Deployment

Project Management

Proper project management involves goal setting, strategic planning, realistic timelines, and constant reevaluation. At TAI, we do it all. We stay on top of project goals and meet with you regularly to discuss the progress.

Our Project Management Approach

TAI assigns a designated Project Manager for every project we undertake. The Project Manager facilitates the resolution of issues and ensure that implementation efforts are conforming to the goals outlined in the planning documents.

Additional tasks include:

  • Managing the Work Plan
  • Conducting Project Status Meetings
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Creating Issues Lists & Managing Issue Resolution
  • Monitoring Project Resources

Technology Advisors uses a social project management software to organize project information. Through this platform, all project team members gain access to the project tasks and their status. Comments are stored in the project and are socialized among the team. All working documents and every version of an existing document are stored in AC for review and comment. Progress against tasks and milestones can be validated at any time by reviewing the AC project.

Our End Goal

TAI's end goal is to use our status meetings, work plan management, continuous improvement tracking, and documentation processes to successfully implement your software within budget and time frame.

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Warranty Process

After your project is complete, TAI stays with you to continue our support through your 30 day warranty process. If any issues arise during this time, we’ll fix it at no charge. We won’t abandon you after your warranty, either. You have the option of adding another full year of coverage to your warranty, during which a representative stays in contact with you periodically to check in on your progress. If you run into an issue, your Customer Advocate will help you escalate the problem and find the best solution.

Redeploying Your Existing CRM

If you’ve already purchased a CRM but are having trouble with technical hold-ups or user adoption, we can help you start fresh. We’ll assess your current CRM health and fill in the gaps to get you back on the path to CRM success.

Technology Advisors follows a 3-step process to redeploy CRM’s:

Step 1: Scoping
This is the stage where we define the project.

Step 2: Requirements
What are we trying to accomplish with this project? TAI assesses your business goals to discover the answer to this question.

Step 3: Fit/Gap Analysis
Fit: What are you doing today and how does that fit the requirements?
Gap: What’s missing from that procedure?

Once we analyze the situation based on these steps, we recommend the best implementation package to meet your needs.

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