Technology Advisors offers various implementation strategies.
Learn what these strategies involve and how they work below.

Personalized Implementation Approaches

Every customer wants their own special sauce in their CRM, from unique sales or lead processes to customized information collection. 
Regardless of which approach you require, TAI includes the following for every CRM implementation:

  • CRM project scoping and requirements gathering
  • A personalized implementation plan
  • Access to TAI-Lead training courses (online and live available)
  • Joint review meetings to update on progress and address concerns
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  • Customer has less than 50 users
  • Using CRM out-of-the-box
  • Little to no integration required
  • Up and running in less than 4 weeks


  • Customer has minimum 35 users
  • Requires multiple add-on products and integrations
  • Requires data migration
  • Up and running in 4+ weeks


  • Customer has more than 100 users
  • Multi-departmental implementation
  • Multiple integrations
  • Requires CRM customizations
  • Up and running dependent on individual customer needs

For more details on our implementations or to request services, please contact us.

Other CRM-Related Services

Project Management

Proper project management involves goal setting, strategic planning, realistic timelines, and constant reevaluation. At TAI, we stay on top of project goals and meet with you regularly to make sure your software implementation is on time and within budget.

CRM Migration

Switching to a new CRM? Our migration experts work with you to keep data organized and get your information moved with speed and security.  

CRM Integration

Ready to take your CRM to the next level by integrating ERP, marketing automation, email, or other business systems? Let the experts at TAI handle your integration and keep your project moving forward.

CRM Customization

Your CRM should fit the way you work, but most CRMs are standardized out of the box. So, what do you do? Call TAI. Our team of CRM developers can customize your system to work the way you need. 

Redeploying CRM

If you’ve already purchased a CRM but are having trouble with technical hold-ups or user adoption, we can help you start fresh. We’ll assess your current CRM health and fill in the gaps to get you back on the path to success.

CRM Training

CRM training is available to all customers at whatever levels they need. Our expert teams guide your users through proper techniques to fully understand and utilize your new systems. In addition, users gain access to free educational events throughout the year, including online user group discussions, webinars, and live events.

CRM Support

Whichever level of support you need, whichever level you can afford, the friendly staff at TAI is ready. We’ll be there to mitigate your issues and advocate on your behalf.

Project Staffing

Need some help with a big software project? We’ll loan you our expert staff. These experienced professionals understand how to plan, execute, and troubleshoot CRM projects so you can relax and enjoy the full benefits of your new software.

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Warranty Process

After your project is complete, TAI stays with you to continue our support through your 30 day warranty process. If any issues arise during this time, we’ll fix it at no charge. We won’t abandon you after your warranty, either. You have the option of adding another full year of coverage to your warranty, during which a representative stays in contact with you periodically to check in on your progress. If you run into an issue, your Customer Advocate will help you escalate the problem and find the best solution.

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