Benefits of Data Migration with Technology Advisors

Years of Experience
Proprietary Migration Tool
Improved Data Quality
Reduce Duplication
Augment Information
Rapid Data Transformation

Data Migration for Stronger Analytics

A bad migration will result in low software adoption, which can easily turn into a failed implementation. Many times, when we rescue a failed implementation, we find the issues only arose because the data was migrated incorrectly.

Technology Advisors built its own iPaaS solution, StarfishETL, which has received numerous accolades from industry analysts and customers alike. This solution, coupled with our years of migration experience, allows us to move your data quickly while adhering to best practices, therefore strengthening your analytic capabilities and improving your business.

Why Migrate Data With TAI?

Fast Development

With more than 30 pre-configured migrations and hundreds of product connectors, Technology Advisors can build your migrations faster. Our pre-configured migrations and library of data maps simplify the process of building new migrations to reduce your overall project costs.


Because TAI has a specialized data migration practice, we are migrating data several times per month, and have been doing so for nearly 30 years. So far, Technology Advisors has completed more than 1,000 data migrations. It's that experience that makes us experts at moving data and familiarized us with the market's most popular CRM, marketing, and ERP products.


Accuracy starts with a process. TAI's migration process begins with a data migration workshop where we analyze and map your information. During this workshop, our pre-configured tools help us look at your data on a field-by-field level to determine if the data is accurate and without blanks, null values, or outliers. We perform multiple trial migrations so our customers can be confident their information is correct.

Data Augmentation

The migration process is an ideal time to reevaluate your information and decide what you would like to change to run your business better. Technology Advisors has tools that can augment your customer and contact information and provide better, more advanced profiling of your customers and prospects. Through our partnerships, we can add important information such as phone numbers, addresses, emails, SIC codes, etc. The outcome of which allows you to do more focused marketing and sales.

Data Validation

Data validation is crucial to data integrity. During the migration process, your data should be reviewed to ensure its validity. Technology Advisors uses tools to deduplicate data, ensure regulatory compliance, and verify information like address formats and zip codes. Valid data enables better decision making, more accurate reporting for your teams, and confidence in your information.

Speed of Migration

Migrations can be slowed by your software provider's governor and the speed of your network connection. StarfishETL improves migration speed by allowing up to 100 levels of multi-processing and supporting bulk API data loads. Technology Advisors uses the power of StarfishETL to move your data faster.

Successful Integrations & Migrations Start Here

StarfishETL is a powerful and flexible ETL platform for migrating, integrating, cleaning data, and so much more. Combining the power of low code technology with highly adaptable functions, StarfishETL connects 100+ applications including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, social media platforms, email solutions, and direct-to-transactional databases.

Dynamic iPaaS Integration

StarfishETL is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) with the ability to adapt to any data project. Using the power of the Cloud, and backed by multiple layers of security, StarfishETL's iPaaS functionality makes it an ideal platform for connecting just about anything. CRM, ERP, social media, marketing automation, email, and even specialized databases are easily connected. An extensive connector library, powerful visual designer, and enhanced scripting functions let users create data relationships and control projects with pinpoint accuracy.

Personalized CRM Migration

If your current CRM has custom fields, migrating to a new system may feel like a daunting exercise. In addition, if your team has been using the CRM for some time, it's also likely some rogue data is lurking that could hinder a successful migration. StarfishETL gives you the tools to effectively clean your data prior to a migration and move custom fields in a secure Cloud-based environment. A migration expert can do the work for you, or you can do it yourself using StarfishETL's exclusive Cloud migration wizard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A custom migration takes about a week. It may vary depending on the simplicity or complexity of your project. If you choose to use the StarfishETL Migration Wizard with pre-built maps, it requires significantly less time.

Migrations with StarfishETL start at $495 with the prebuilt maps in the StarfishETL Migration Wizard. The Wizard pricing is tiered based on the number of records you need to migrate. A custom migration depends on a number of factors such as how much data you need to migrate and any data transformations. We recommend a consultation to establish an exact estimate.

Yes, Starfish has the ability to connect to your local data and migrate it to other systems or integrate it with your other on-prem or cloud applications and/or databases.

Yes, please read security documentation here:

Migrating is moving data from one system to another, one time, in one direction. Integration is connecting the data between two or more systems together. For example, integrating CRM with ERP would connect your customer data with your financial data in either a one-way or two-way sync.