Category: SugarCRM

Client: C&M Conveyor

Industry: Corrugated box; folding carton; roll handling; industrial machinery; factory logistics

Prior Product: None


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, C&M Conveyor had no formal customer relationship management (CRM) system in place and was considering a very complex CRM implementation using their ERP system.


As a client seeking a short lead time and real value, C&M Conveyor turned to Technology Advisors (TAI), who were happy to lend their expertise. In addition to the Jump Start Extended, TAI’s team consulted with C&M Conveyor’s in-house developer to define, design, and develop an integration between SugarCRM and C&M’s legacy quoting system.


Today, everyone at C&M Conveyor is on the same page; with all of sales finally operating using a single vernacular, management can now understand their forecast. Additionally, thanks to some clever automation by Tom, the Project Owner at C&M, even installation support has made the transition from reactive to proactive

We wanted to know what the universe looked like, not just what our reps thought it looked like.

Tom Brentlinger, Project Owner, C&M Conveyor