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In their CRM Talk podcast, Technology Advisors Inc. co-founder Sam Biardo and CRM Switch co-founder Steve Chipman discuss everything CRM – from the latest releases, to trends in the market, and the future of business technology. Sam and Steve have a combined expertise of 45+ years in the industry, and they bring that expertise to the table in these informative & fun podcast episodes. Join these two experts as they interview technology influencers, banter about recent software news, and give valuable advice for streamlining data & improving business processes. Available for free on the iTunes Store.

Sugar Cubed CRM Talk

Follow the Sugar Cubed CRM Talk podcast where we discuss everything Sugar. Bringing together Justin's experience as a developer with Megan's background training users and administrators, Megan and Justin discuss their current projects, talk with special guests, and preview what to expect in future Sugar releases. With information for Admins, Developers and Users, subscribe today on iTunes or to learn how to get the most from your CRM investment.

January 19, 2017
Sam’s birthday, Steve’s trip Down Under, six levels of CRM expenses, the cure for low CRM adoption by salespeople, Sam’s DIY Virtual Digital Sales Assistant (VDSA), a commentary on Gartner’s Todd Berkowitz’s 10 fearless predictions for 2017. Listen to this Podcast
December 28, 2016
Peter D’Cruz on early days sales management software, objective sales pipeline, helping salespeople, building a sales process, self-disciplined salespeople, when buyers buy, explaining yourself fully, disqualifying early, forcing a prospect to say “no”, change the prospect’s opinion, buyer self-education, beware the lonely prospect, the “don’t follow up” sales strategy explained, applying Taoism to sales, not swimming upstream and going with the flow in sales. Listen to this Podcast
December 14, 2016
Sam’s office party interruption, Salesforce vs Microsoft comparison update, CRM requirements for sales management, self-implementing CRM, the cost of CRM professional services, preventing scope creep on flat rate engagements, quote to order to invoice, level of detail in CRM requirements, the difference between sales and marketing, low CRM adoption by salespeople, giving salespeople more options, the Benioff and Nadella bromance is over, our past bad annual predictions, a couple of predictions for 2017, Yahoo! announces a new hack. Content referenced in this episode: Listen to this Podcast
November 22, 2016
Golfing in central Florida with alligators, Microsoft Dynamics rebranding and new pricing, more CRM vendors add AI, Chat and Drift, blocking the LinkedIn deal, automating drip marketing, customer journey mapping overload, simplified process mapping with, CRMNext and banking, building a CRM vertical on a platform vs. building from the ground up. Listen to this Podcast
October 19, 2016
Sam’s European river cruise & other adventures,, Dreamforce ’16 report, Salesforce Einstein, MVPs, Twitter pass, DCLeaks and acquisition targets, government email security. Listen to this Podcast
October 14, 2016
Megan and Justin discus Sugar Mobile, what’s new and what’s coming. Things discussed: Listen to this Podcast
September 15, 2016
Cheap MacBook upgrade, Apple’s port reduction, Yathit for Sugar and Gmail, Microsoft’s big win over Salesforce, Wells Fargo’s sales compensation plan “glitch”, autonomous selling, AI-powered CRM. Listen to this Podcast
August 23, 2016
Quickbooks to CRM integration, data driven digital marketing, Oracle acquires NetSuite, salespeople’s first CRM impression, Best CRM advertising site, the $14B CRM debacle, SugarCRM’s channel award, sales & marketing alignment. Listen to this Podcast
August 23, 2016
Megan and Justin start off with a review of SugarCon.  Both agreed that Rich Green was their favorite keynote.  Megan reviewed the track sessions and Justin reviewed the Developer UnCon.  Find the SugarCon and UnCon presentations here: Listen to this Podcast
July 21, 2016
Using Uber for business travel, LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with Microsoft’s top competitors, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce closes DemandWare deal, Chat popups and exit intent popups. Listen to this Podcast


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