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This powerful document creation platform allows users to generate contracts, quotes, and letters with a single click in their CRM. Flexidocs integrates seamlessly with SugarCRM or Salesforce to automatically pull fields and related records into the documents you're creating. Then, it lets you share those documents for electronic signatures on computers, smartphones, or tablets. See real-time updates when documents are signed and store everything back in your CRM. 

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Creating MS Word Templates with Flexidocs

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to create flawless Microsoft Word document templates with Flexidocs for SugarCRM.

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Price per MonthAvailable Merges per MonthElectronic Signing per Month

Full Creative Control

Design your documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Incorporate any design you'd normally use without restriction.

Powerful Quoting

Pricebooks combines forces with SugarCRM 7's quoting engine to allow users to leverage pricing rules based on their desired criteria. Then, Flexidocs generates the quote and ties it to the esignature program to complete the process. 

Complete eSigning Compatability

Seamless integration with all major eSigning platforms (Hellosign, Docusign, Adobe eSign) means you'll never have to worry that changing eSignature providers will complicate your document creation. 

Seamless CRM Integration

Flexidocs supports all modules of SugarCRM and Salesforce, including custom modules. Use the seamless integration to create and sign documents from anywhere within your CRM platform. 

5 Minute Install

Flexidocs is so easy to use that it can be installed in five minutes. Create your first full document in the same amount of time or less. That's efficiency!

Interactive Fields

Interactive fields prompt users to enter or confirm values on each document generation. For example, a process that forces the confirmation of key field values prior to a document being generated.

Flexidocs Resources

5 Tips for Selecting a Document Automation Solution

Many organizations have time consuming, paper-based processes. So when you're trying to avoid the hassles of these traditional processes by acquring a document automation solution, it's important to understand what features you're looking for. This document lays out the five major considerations you should make. 

Flexidocs Workflow Summary Image

No time to read through brochures? Check out this quick, visual depiction of how Flexidocs works and what it can do. It's easy!

Flexidocs Document Generation for SugarCRM

What is Flexidocs? How can it help you create and manage your documents? What kinds of features does it include? What are the benefits? Learn the basics of Flexidocs with this informative brochure. Download it for free now. 

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