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SierraCRM's Process Manager Enterprise is a SugarCRM add-on module that automates daily tasks associated with servicing and supporting customers. Its functionality enhances the creation of workflows in SugarCRM and enables your employees to spend less time managing data and more time focused on what’s important.

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SierraCRM Product Features

SierraCRM is your Sugar Workflow solution. What does that include? This informational PDF tells you. 

SierraCRM Product Overview

SierraCRM’s Process Manager 4.0 is a powerful workflow module that replaces Sugar's legacy workflow and allows your company to provide exceptional customer experiences.

SierraCRM User Guide

What's new in the 4.0 release? How do you install and upgrade SierraCRM? How do you send an email to a new lead? These questions and more are answered in this comprehensive user guide. 

Lead Management

Automatically send emails, schedule calls, and create new tasks when leads are entered into your SugarCRM.

Case & Support Management

Keep your customer service on point by verifying new cases and ensuring they are redirected to the correct departments.

Service Level Agreements

Guarantee the delivery of your customers’ purchased services with this powerful tool.

Contract Management

Process Manager Enterprise manages your contract approval process to keep things running smoothly.

Sales Process Automation

Process Manager alerts your sales team of key dates so they never miss a customer interaction.

Proactive Emailing

Set up automatic emails to stay in communication with your customers and pass along valuable sales insights to your team.

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