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Tenfold (formerly Callinize) is a hosted solution which bridges your existing phone and CRM in 5 minutes. No switching systems, no enterprise software deployments, no yearly contracts. Tenfold's mission is to bridge the systems you use today as easily as possible. It does this by supporting three different methods for getting your phone data into the system: Native integrations, a special Softphone, and deskphone integrations.

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Enhanced Analytics/Gamification

With Tenfold, you can use analytics and gamification to help your team reach company goals and gain an edge over the competition. Watch this short video to learn more. 

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Call Popups with CRM Data

Automatic Call Logging

Powerful Call Analytics

5 Minute Configuration

Inbound Tracking

Tenfold Resources

Oracle CRM Data Sheet

Tenfold bridges the gap between your Oracle CRM and your existing phone system though its seamless integration. Check out the Oracle data sheet to learn how Tenfold and Oracle work together to ignite call logging, analytics, and productivity. 

NetSuite Data Sheet

What can Tenfold do for a NetSuite user? The integration between Tenfold and NetSuite allows seamless communication between your existing phone system and your CRM. Users can click-to-dial from any page, gain actionable analytics, and more. View the data sheet to learn more about this integration. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Sheet

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user? Tenfold integrates with your CRM for better customer interactions, call logging, analytics, and more. View the data sheet for more details on how Tenfold and MS Dynamics CRM work together. 

Bullhorn Data Sheet

Did you know Tenfold integrates with Bullhorn? As a Bullhorn user, this integration could be extremely useful. Check out this data sheet to learn about the productivity and reporting power of Tenfold and Bullhorn. 

Salesforce Data Sheet

How does Tenfold integrate with Salesforce? What are the benefits? Check out this data sheet to learn how Tenfold and Salesforce can work together to deliver advanced reporting, call activity logging, and more. 

SugarCRM Data Sheet

Are you a SugarCRM user? Tenfold integrates with your CRM to deliver powerful click-to-dial, advanced reporting, and actionable analytics. View this PDF for more information on Tenfold & SugarCRM. 

Tenfold Plan Tiers

Tenfold offers three tiers to accommodate the needs of any size business. Download the PDF to view what each of these tiers includes. 

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