CRM installations each have different rules and support standards.
Learn about Technology Advisors' support programs below.

Project Management & Support

Technology Advisors removes the middle man by assigning a designated manager for your project - so you're always working with someone you know and trust. Your Project Manager facilitates the resolution of issues and ensures implementation efforts are conforming to the goals outlined in the planning documents.

Project Management and Support include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Direct access to product experts
  • Support for your customizations
  • Managing the Work Plan
  • Conducting Project Status Meetings
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Managing Issue Resolution
  • Monitoring Project Resources
  • Timely responses
  • 24 hour support option (Extra)
  • Multi-Lingual option (Extra)

Support Services



  • Contact via: Emails or Support Portal
  • Main contact: Support Desk
  • Typical response within 48 hours



  • Contact via: Emails, Support Portal, or Phone
  • Main contact: Support Desk, PM, Developer or BA
  • Assessment: By request
  • Administrator Support



  • Everything included in Administration Support
  • Unlimited Admin and End User through Online classes
  • On-premise Minor upgrades
  • Free Development hours based on organization size
  • On-premise support available

Block Time

Call for pricing.

  • Pre-purchased by the hour 
  • Discounted based on volume
  • One flat rate, no matter the service
  • Can be used for support or development
  • Good for 12 months post-purchase

Technical support is free for your users and offers basic support options. The Technology Advisors tech team is available via email or support portal and will respond in about 48 hours.

  • Contact via Emails or Support Portal
  • Help with customizations and vendor software
  • How-To information and updates on product releases

Administration Support from Technology Advisors gives CRM Administrators the resources necessary to maintain the CRM and enhance user experience. Administration Support includes all Technical Support features, plus:

  • Contact via Emails, Support Portal, or Phone
  • Help with imports (4), basic workflows (4), and reports (12)
  • Help with user creation and management
  • Bug fixes and pick list/ dropdown maintenance
  • User creation and maintenance
  • Performance questions & Backup instruction

    Get complete CRM management with Premier Support. Enjoy all the benefits of Administration support, plus:

    • Unlimited Web training
    • Free Development hours
    • Upgrade support
    • Budget analysis for additional customizations
    • On-premise performance review & tuning for Web and database servers

    Think your project may be too undefined or loosely scheduled for standardized support? We have a solution for that. Purchase Block Time, where the budget is justified on a case-by-case basis. You’ll reduce overall project costs by pre-paying for your service.

    • Flat rate, regardless of service
    • Pre-paid by the hour
    • Valid for 12 months post-purchase
    • Usable for support or development
    • Discounted based on volume
    • Priority access to Support Desk

    Support Instructions/Information For Customers:

    Request CRM Support