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CRM Data Migration

Technology Advisors built its own iPaaS solution, StarfishETL, which has received numerous accolades from industry analysts and customers alike. This solution, coupled with our years of migration experience, allows us to move your data quickly while adhering to best practices, therefore strengthening your analytic capabilities and improving your business.

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5 Benefits of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for Modern Businesses in the Cloud

December 9, 2020

You need to make sure that your data centers are consolidated and managed automatically through Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This is a model that codifies everything in your infrastructure to bring numerous benefits to your growing business. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how IaC can help…

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Technology Advisors Builds Integration Between Epicor ERP and SugarCRM With StarfishETL

May 1, 2017

Technology Advisors Inc. (TAI), a business & technology consulting company specializing in custom software integrations and enterprise-level CRM projects, teamed up with data migration and integration service, StarfishETL, to build an integration between SugarCRM and Epicor ERP.

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Life Changing CRM

February 20, 2017

Changing listener’s lives, winter golf in Chicago, more detail on Simple CRM System, selling salespeople on using CRM, industries that lag in CRM adoption, what it takes to implement CPQ, getting salespeople to tag DQ’d leads with “reason disqualified”, getting around the gatekeeper, use-case-…

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