5 Ways Working with CRM Helped Prepare Me for Wedding Planning

My wedding woes mirrored the issues our customers face every day: forecasting, budgeting, tracking contacts, managing paperwork, etc. Working with CRM taught me a lot about the importance of managing these aspects.

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Wedding Planning

CRM Fun & Games

Sam and Steve discuss gamification and touch on the benefits of a marketing automation playbook.

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3 Reasons Why We Love Gamification for CRM

Gamification: Applying game elements such as point scoring, competition with others, rules, etc. in a business setting to encourage engagement with a product or service. Gamification promotes competition, accountability, strategic thinking, and most importantly - results. If done correctly, it can…

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Gamification CRM

Why Video Games Provide A Model For User Adoption

Videogames have it right. They start you out learning some basic skills and expand on those slowly based upon your accomplishments. In other words you can't kill the monster until you can hop from rock to rock.

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