At present, a functional CRM system is a key priority for different businesses across many industries, and not without reason!

Empowered with the innovative technologies and latest solutions, CRM platforms can significantly improve customer relationships, level up productivity, and increase the sales performance of the enterprise by more than 65% while saving up on labor costs. What is more, in 2022 it is expected that one in two companies will utilize CRM systems, and according to the performance results of different companies, it would be really strange not to do so!

In this article, we’ll try to explain why it’s so important to implement the best CRM software in your business and what changes we’ll see in its development in 2022.

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Why Is CRM Important for Any Business?

The modern CRM system has encompassed many useful features important for running and growing businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re going to personalize your business model, enhance client retention, or automate specific processes,CRM can be your best solution to try.

A functional, user-friendly CRM can provide a bunch of useful benefits for your business, including:

  • Informative & Trustworthy Reporting
  • Proactive Customer Service
  • Accurate Performance Tracking & Data Visualization
  • Full Transparency
  • Better Customer Retention
  • Higher Conversions
  • Advanced Organization & Process Automation

Overall, these CRM benefits contribute to developing a more efficient company with the latest data and tech-driven solutions provided.

Emerging CRM Trends to Know in 2022

Now that we’ve discovered what makes this software so important for a business, it’s time to learn more about the upcoming trends in CRM development. So, what’s new to expect in these tools in 2022?

#1 Data Analysis and Prediction with AI

Artificial Intelligence is probably one of the most popular digital components affecting nearly all industries. This technology has been already introduced in popular applications like Freddy AI, which are responsible for elevating customer support experience, workflow optimization, and many other business processes.

In CRM, AI technologies will be engaged to evaluate customer needs, predict their pain points, and analyze the customer data, including the geolocation, demographic characteristics, preferences, worldviews, interests, and much more – to model the predictions and estimate the sales with the higher degree of accuracy.

#2 More Useful Integrations

Another trend that will surely appear in 2022 is CRM integrations. Simply put, that’s one of the most convenient and effective ways for employees to stick to a single tool while reducing switching from one program to another. The more useful integrations are involved, the more optimized, coordinated, and efficient workflow you’ll set in your company.

For an average business today, it’s essential for the CRM to handle messages, mailing services, chatbot integrations, whiteboards, social media, and all the other popular tools used for communicating with customers across different platforms, as well as reaching out to team members.

#3 Fewer Barriers for the First-Time CRM Users

CRM adoption failures are often the result of taking an unstructured or haphazard approach to training. CRM consulting businesses provide training courses specific to different types of users, so each team can learn to adopt the technology in the way that best suits their work. Consulting teams may also use tools for screen recording for Mac and similar options for Windows to document training so users can review the content whenever they need a refresher. Without structured training and referenceable resources, many businesses are left floundering.    

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#4 Customer Self-Service Focus

Modern customers prefer finding all the answers themselves and, luckily, today’s technologies allow them to do so. Instead of getting live chat support or writing an email ticket, they can now get first-class assistance concerning nearly any question from CRM  self-service portals. Usually, these portals cover all the critical information users need, from registration procedures and FAQs to more specific information, which can significantly reduce the workload of your support services.

#5 CRM Mobility

Smartphones today are a must-have tool for nearly any person: they allow for reaching out to other people, buying products and making orders, and even performing simple work-related tasks. We’ll see more and more mobile CRM systems available on the market In 2022.

Mobile CRMs enable accessing data from nearly any location, regardless of the time zone. The teams that have already replaced a desktop CRM version report an almost 70% increase in customer satisfaction and business efficiency, while the sales performance improved by over 87%.

#6 Voice Technology

Along with the AI boom, another popular technology that has started to evolve is voice tech. As we know, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have completely changed the idea of voice search use, making it extremely accessible for any household.

For this reason, the CRM systems of the future are expected to provide voice assistance that can easily track tasks, help quickly access data, track the critical parameters and changes, as well as improve employee performance overall.

#7 Industry-Specific CRM Systems

With thousands of options available on the market today, various CRM software developers will try to focus on more specific niches, like real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. This will allow those industries to easily manage the workforce, enhance the teamwork, and customize the software to better fit business objectives and requirements.  All this can significantly enhance the service quality and, of course, boost sales.

Wrapping Up

From a simple contact management workspace, the CRM system has gradually transformed into the must-use business software for nearly any industry. Impacted by the innovative technologies, most CRM tools today are focused on improving their efficiency and flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness. They’re helping various businesses to easily tackle specific problems and issues, interact with customers, and even streamline other critical business processes like forecasting and onboarding, which makes them an irreplaceable tool for any enterprise.

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