Benefits of CRM Customization

Rapid Development
Agile Approach
Better Adoption Potential
Increased Communication
Scalable Solution

Building a Better CRM

Every CRM comes with implied processes which represent the vendor's idea of best practices. If the vendor's idea for how to run your business isn’t a good fit, TAI can customize your CRM to work the way you do.

Technology Advisors helps you create the CRM experience you want by automating your processes, reducing double entry, and helping you determine what's important for your business today. We work to understand what you feel is missing and lay out a plan to fill in those gaps. Using our set of planning workshops, we help you determine the ideal way to optimize your solution. This includes customer software, configured applications, mobile solutions, and integrations.

Our CRM Customization Approach

When an out-of-the-box solution (or even a configured solution) does not meet your needs, TAI uses Agile development to customize a better fit. TAI provides a wide set of options for custom development, and our vast experience with product integration helps us expand those options. Our technology team can help build Web services, develop server-oriented architecture, and layer these on top of the CRM solution. Read below to learn more about our CRM customization approach.

Agile Sprints

Agile sprints are the core of an agile CRM methodology. Within each sprint, the scrum master assigns a specified number of tasks to be completed based upon their priority, how they relate to other tasks, and whether they're providing enough work for the Agile team to complete during the sprint.

Scrum Meetings

Scrum meetings are held daily and limited to less than 15 minutes. The purpose of these meetings is to check-in on what each person on the agile team is working on and whether they are experiencing any problems. These short interactions keep everyone focused on their roles and gives the scrum master insights into the progress of the project.


Evaluation is the process in which the product owner reviews each use case after completion. This is one of the key benefits of an agile process. It provides the product owner with real-time review and feedback on each use case. This feedback informs changes to requirements, providing a more accurate solution.

Data Integration

Integration is the master key for unlocking your greatest data potential. By connecting your systems, you reveal new opportunities for improved collaboration, more meaningful reporting, and stronger data integrity across systems.

What Customers Say About Us

Incredibly impressed by their competency to solve our problem and also think future. TAI was able to show that spending more for a cloud implementation was not necessary and in this instance, rebuilding on the LAN was certainly better than replacing with another product.
Dennis F., National Bureau of Property Administration
They are a complete package. Every member of this team is of high caliber and the whole team is well organized. Their response to feedback is superior to any third-party vendor I have worked with.
Brian M., Keller-Heartt
Technology Advisors immerse themselves into your project. They go beyond to understand your current systems and what you are trying to achieve. They have extensive knowledge and experience, which they bring to each project.
Montelle D., Haynes International, Inc.
Technology Advisors has helped us to transform our data from one CRM to another without any interruption. They have helped us every step of the way to successfully integrate to fit our business needs.
Brianna S., Burrus Seed
I have worked with TAI for over 15 yrs. with my past two organizations and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come. Working with TAI has proven to be a one stop shop for my organization from all phases of CRM support and technology review to quality and cost analysis and product review. This has ensured we have had the latest technology at a fair price for our organization with amazing support from TAI.
Linda S., Recept Pharmacy
We have been working with Technology Advisors since 2013 and we will continue this great relationship. Their knowledge of CRM is second to none and together we are able to tackle many difficult software integrations to shape it to best fit our needs.
Jean-Paul L., Captive Resources, LLC
One of the things that stood out from the start was the transparency and the helpfulness of being able to guide us along the paths that were the best for us. Technology Advisors always did their best to make sure that we are on the same page with all the new ideas and initiatives that we come up with.
Tim R., Hershey's Ice Cream
Throughout the past 4 years, TAI has not only become an extension of our team, but a crucial asset. We truly appreciate their attention to detail & their ability to bring our out-of-the-box CRM needs to fruition.
Tara C., AEM

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