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Analysis of the latest CRM industry news.

SugarCRM Training Book

Getting Started with SugarCRM Version 7Getting Started with SugarCRM Version 7 is a comprehensive guide for navigating the SugarCRM workspace. Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of Sugar’s sales, marketing, and support tools in the new Sugar 7 user interface.

Map to Lead

Developed by Technology Advisors, Map to Lead is a customized SugarCRM app that provides visual lead mining, call planning, and target conversion.

Starfish ETL

Starfish ETL
Starfish ETL (Extract Transform Load) is a premiere import/export suite of tools that provides seamless integration of data from one database with another database, whether they are hosted, on-premise, or in the cloud. Learn more.

Technology Advisors' Case Studies

C&M Conveyor

C&M Conveyor

Industry: Corrugated box; folding carton; roll handling; industrial machinery; factory logistics
Prior Product: None
Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, C&M Conveyor had no formal customer relationship management (CRM) system in place and was considering a very complex CRM implementation using their ERP system. Learn about Technology Advisors' solution.

Journeys International


Industry: Travel; adventure travel
Prior Product: No formal CRM
As a family-owned and operated business, Journeys International prides themselves on delivering personalized, unique travel experiences to their clients. This meant understanding and representing their clients’ interests in a CRM tool, but the average CRM wasn’t built for such a unique use case. Journeys International needed XRM, not CRM. Learn about Technology Advisors' solution.

Keller Heartt


Industry: Lubricants and Absorbents
Prior Product: No formal CRM
Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, Keller-Heartt had no formal customer relationship management (CRM) system in place. This put them at risk whenever a sales team member matriculated because they had no way to preserve historical company data. Learn about Technology Advisors' solution.

Lab Source


Industry: Laboratory supplies and distribution
Prior Product: Skyline; Telemagic
Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, LabSource had their data spread across 4 different databases. Each subsidiary’s sales team maintained their own records and often sold over each other, which put the relationships they had with their client base at risk. Learn about Technology Advisors' solution.

National Bureau of Property Administration


Industry: Commercial/Industrial Property Tax Consulting
Prior Product: Older version of Infor CRM (Previously SalesLogix)
The original technology partner created custom code which was constantly breaking. Troubleshooting the issues and managing the bad data it produced had become overwhelming. The client had a spaghetti bowl of data that didn’t satisfy even the basic requirements of their software program thus making all things more difficult.