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Accelerate Your CRM ROI with Proper Adoption

One of the major failures of CRM projects is adoption. Either a system is built that doesn't solve the customer's problems, or the users simply don't know - or don't want to know - how to use it because it's too complex. If you want your teams to use your CRM, you must show them how it benefits them.

TAI's adoption approach is comprehensive and aimed to help overcome adoption obstacles. Not only do we train and support your users on the CRM, but we help you prepare your data with best-in-class data cleaning and migration. Accelerate your return on investment with proper CRM adoption strategies from Technology Advisors.

Our CRM Adoption Offerings

CRM Testing

CRM testing is performed at the beginning of your adoption process to ensure the system is working properly and meeting the goals defined in the project charter. The goals can include usability, quality, performance, and scope. Test cases are produced directly from user stories and are included in sprint evaluation testing, data quality testing, integration testing, functionality testing, and finally acceptance testing. Effectively, CRM testing ensures that the solution you built to solve your problem works.

Data Cleaning

Data integrity is crucial when using a CRM. Incorrect data is useless to your teams, and there are many ways it can be wrong. Duplicate data, data inaccuracies, incomplete data, and irrelevant data are all examples. These discrepancies can emerge from a combination of employee error, outdated record keeping, or invalid data pushing from another system. TAI offers services that can resolve all these problems to keep your data clean and accurate.

Data Migration

Moving from one CRM to another isn't a data dump. To get true value from the new system, the migration tool must be fast, flexible, and scalable. You must have a strategy for migrating custom fields and functions so you don't lose valuable information. Technology Advisors provides the expertise and skills to migrate to your new system using best practices and time-tested techniques. We'll make sure your data doesn't get left behind.

CRM Training

If your teams don't understand the system, they won't use it. TAI offers role-specific CRM training for sales, services, marketing, administrators, project teams, and developers to learn the skills that best serve their position. Check out our training page for more details on our training courses.

CRM Support

Even when you cross every "T" and dot every "I", it's still easy to run into unexpected issues. When those problems arise, a personalized support team can help facilitate faster issue resolution. Whether you're trying to fix a bug, need help with an update, or are having trouble with a function in your system, our support staff is your direct lifeline. Click the link below to learn about our support packages.

Change Management

For many CRM projects, requirements evolve throughout the development process as new ideas surface. TAI provides change management by engaging a change board and a transition management team to help determine if any proposed changes should be included in the current release or deferred for a future release.

What Customers Say About Us

Technology Advisors immerse themselves into your project. They go beyond to understand your current systems and what you are trying to achieve. They have extensive knowledge and experience, which they bring to each project.
Montelle DuChane, Haynes International, Inc.
Technology Advisors has helped us to transform our data from one CRM to another without any interruption. They have helped us every step of the way to successfully integrate to fit our business needs.
Brianna Sibley, Burrus Seed
I have worked with TAI for over 15 yrs. with my past two organizations and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come. Working with TAI has proven to be a one stop shop for my organization from all phases of CRM support and technology review to quality and cost analysis and product review. This has ensured we have had the latest technology at a fair price for our organization with amazing support from TAI.
Linda Stanko, Recept Pharmacy
We have been working with Technology Advisors since 2013 and we will continue this great relationship. Their knowledge of CRM is second to none and together we are able to tackle many difficult software integrations to shape it to best fit our needs.
Jean-Paul Lupori, Captive Resources, LLC
One of the things that stood out from the start was the transparency and the helpfulness of being able to guide us along the paths that were the best for us. Technology Advisors always did their best to make sure that we are on the same page with all the new ideas and initiatives that we come up with.
Tim Ryan, Hershey's Ice Cream
Throughout the past 4 years, TAI has not only become an extension of our team, but a crucial asset. We truly appreciate their attention to detail & their ability to bring our out-of-the-box CRM needs to fruition.
Tara Cowling, AEM
We’ve been working with Technology Advisors for over 3 years. With their guidance, we’ve been able to innovate and create business processes that enable us to be more efficient with our time and money.
Dan Johnson, BASYS
We have partnered with Technology Advisors for the past six years and consider them an essential part of our team. From complicated migrations between CRMs to custom development to marketing automation support, they consistently deliver nothing short of the highest standard work product and remain caring and communicative throughout. We couldn't ask for more from TAI!
Tanja LeMotte, Corvus Holdings, LLC

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