MQL and SQL Calculators

Setting Attainable MQL and SQL Goals

For teams to create realistic and attainable goals, they must have common expectations for Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Marketing needs a vision for strategizing inbound and outbound efforts, and sales must be able to pinpoint how many leads they'll need from marketing to hit their quotas. We've created two web calculators that make drawing those conclusions easier.

Calculate MQLs Needed to Meet Sales Goals

In the sales world, meeting your goals often determines your bonuses. So, of course sales professionals want to acquire and convert as many leads as possible. So, how many MQLs do you need to reach your sales goals? Use this calculator to find out.

MQL calculator

Estimate Your Closed-Won Opportunities

Use the variables you already know (like # of MQLs, percentage of SQLs, etc.) to estimate your expected closed won sales for the month.

SQL calculator