When you want the options on a dropdown list (list B) to change based on the way a different dropdown field (list A) is set, you must set up cascading dropdown fields in SugarCRM. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Setup dropdown field for list A as normal
  2. Create dropdown field for list B
  3. In the list builder, add ALL options that will be available no matter what the corresponding list A option is
  4. Check the box for dependent
  5. Select the Parent Dropdown type, and select the list A field as the Parent Dropdown
  6. Click the Visibility Editor button
    1. You will see a ‘menu’ on the left of the options you created for list B. On the right, you will see a box for each list A option.
    2. Drag the correct options for list B into each of the list A options.

Tip: You can leave some list A option boxes empty to hide list B for those list A options.

Add both fields to your record view layout and any other layouts where you want to use them.

SugarCRM cascading dropdown fields visibility editor
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