If you’ve switched to Infor CRM 8.3, or are planning to switch soon, be aware that you must configure your Eval database AND the blank database that comes with 8.3. Instructions can be found in your Implementation Guide. Here’s how to get to your Implementation Guide through the Infor Xtreme homepage:

  1. Log in to your Infor Xtreme homepage
  2. Click the Search dropdown and select Documentation
  3. Select Infor CRM from the dropdown path
  4. Select v8.3 from the next dropdown path
  5. Select Installation and Upgrade Guides from the next dropdown path
  6. Then select the Infor CRM Implementation Guide from the window on the right of the screen
  7. Once in the ‘Infor CRM Implementation Guide’ pdf, navigate to p44/160 (at the top) or p34 of the Guide (at the bottom) for further instructions.
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