Infor CRM Training From Certified Experts

Technology Advisors offers comprehensive, hands-on Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) training. We'll guide you through the CRM and teach you how to maximize your user adoption and take full advantage of your CRM power whether you're an administrator, sales rep, or marketing director. We have more than 30 years of experience working with Saleslogix/Infor CRM.

Our Infor CRM Training Options

Users' roles determine the type of training they'll need. We segment our training into categories to fit each of those roles and can customize your training to fit your needs and your version of Infor CRM. View our descriptions and pricing, and then schedule your next Infor training session. Rates are hourly.

Infor CRM Developer Essentials

Infor Developer Essentials offers fundamental customization training for new and existing Infor Developers. Build competence and confidence working with Infor through live, hands-on training with one of our expert Infor CRM trainers. This class is designed for new Infor Developers responsible for developing custom functions and integrations with Infor.

Infor CRM Administrator Training

As the administrator of Infor CRM, you need to know the product inside and out. This training teaches CRM administrators about Infor’s tools for configuration changes, user management, and other administrative processes. Gain insights on best practices and advanced capabilities to make the most of your Infor CRM system for you and your team.

Infor CRM End User Sales Training

This training focuses specifically on the sales capabilities of Infor CRM. Learn how to utilize sales management tools, contract management, mobile sales, opportunities, sales processes, and more. Shorten the sales cycle and drive customer acquisition with a deeper understanding of your CRM.

Infor CRM Services Training

If you’re working in customer service centers, HR, or other customer-centric departments, this training opportunity is a must. Learn how to use Infor CRM to track, qualify, and resolve customer questions and issues as you optimize your use of Infor CRM for customer service.

Training Rates

Infor CRM Training Rates



  • Course Length: minimum of 4 hours
  • Minimum of 3 participants
  • Maximum of 15 participants at a time
  • Availability: online, your office, TAI training center