If you've reassigned accounts to a new sales person, then you've probably dealt with the Territory Realignment tool in the Administrator of Infor CRM.

First, some basics. There are different ways to reassign Accounts:

  1. By Owner - in which case all Accounts owned by a certain person will be reassigned to another person
  2. By Account Manager - which lets you reassign all Accounts based on Account Manager
  3. By Custom Group - this lets you reassign Accounts based on a set of conditions that are defined in a query(a.k.a group)

When a sales rep leaves, usually options one or two are best suited for reassigning everything that was associated with the rep. However, when parts of a rep's Account list are being reassigned, a more sophisticated query is necessary. This is when option three is very useful. All the necessary conditions can be built into an Account group. And then this group may be used in the drop down "Based on custom group" to feed that same set of Accounts to the realignment process.

An interesting problem comes up here: When realigning by "group", it is possible that the rules to pick out Accounts are just too complicated, so one might want to pick and choose the records manually. You’d think that creating an Ad-Hoc group of accounts would solve the problem. Unfortunately, such Ad-Hoc groups don’t work with the realignment tool.

But, there must be a way!

First, select the necessary accounts and add them to an "Ad-Hoc" group.

Call the group "Realign AdHocGroup". Next, create a new (non Ad-Hoc) group. Name the group "RealignGroup”. This group will feed off the Ad-Hoc group we created above. Add a condition to this group in the manner below:

The "Value is" field should contain the query below: (SELECT ENTITYID FROM ADHOCGROUP A INNER JOIN PLUGIN B ON A.GROUPID=B.PLUGINID WHERE B.NAME='Realign AdHocGroup')

Once this group is defined, it will be available for selection in the Territory Realignment tool. Now you may proceed with realigning the selected accounts to the necessary person. Voila! Poblem solved.

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