Creatio Support That Keeps You Moving Forward

Your Creatio instance must be as dynamic and reliable as your skilled team. Creatio support with Technology Advisors is flexible to fit every size team, every budget, and every business. Through our personalized support options, we stay in stride with your goals, help you overcome obstacles, and guide issue resolution. Forget about slowdowns, bug issues, or unexpected roadblocks. Creatio support through TAI keeps you moving forward.

Creatio Support Programs

Administration Support

If you are too small to have a CRM administrator or need a temporary systems administrator, this program is for you. We provide all the services you would expect from your system administrator such as adding/removing users, changing security, creating reports and dashboards, importing/exporting data, and making sure your system is running correctly.

BEST FOR: Teams who do not have a full or part-time CRM administrator but would like dependable Creatio support

Premier Support

Premier support is our no touch support model. It includes everything in Technical and Administrator support plus a bank of hours to add new features and keep your system current.

BEST FOR: Teams wishing for more immediate, full-service support options and seeking out additional customizations and improvements to their Creatio solution

Pre-Paid Support

Pre-paid support is for companies wishing to save support hours for a rainy day. Pre-paid support can be used for a CRM project, software support, or custom development. Pre-paid hours are purchased in one-hour increments, starting at a minimum of 5 hours. They are valid for one year from purchase and are discounted based on quantity.

BEST FOR: Teams looking to budget resources for next year’s projects or companies seeking Services discounts for larger projects

Retainer-Based Support

TAI provides a fractional support agent available to help you administer and customize your system. For companies without IT support or a dedicated administrator, Retainer-based support is an excellent alternative. Retainer-based support is especially useful for companies that wish to manage Marketing Automation, BI, or AI projects, where the collection of data is critical to project decisions and the project is usually performed in pieces over a longer period of time.

BEST FOR: Teams that need a part-time CRM resource or are doing a project over a longer time frame

Which Support Package is Right for Me?

How do you know which Support package is right for your needs? Here are a few questions to consider:

Do I have the resources to fully support CRM?

Do we anticipate future projects for which I'll need CRM budget?

Do I want to be a CRM expert?

Creatio Support Pricing

Administration Support


/licensed user/month

  • Phone & email
  • User creation & management
  • Limited data imports & basic workflows
  • Help with Reports
  • Covers bug fixes
  • Picklist/dropdown menu customizations
  • Covers performance & backup questions
  • For teams needing designated CRM admin
  • Minimum 25 Users

Premier Support


/licensed user/month

  • Administration Support PLUS
  • Unlimited Web training
  • FREE development hours
  • Budget analysis for customizations
  • Tuning for Web and database servers
  • Upgraded support reply times
  • For full-service CRM support
  • Minimum 25 Users

Pre-Paid Support

as low as $175


  • Offshore vs. US resource pricing
  • Used for CRM Support or Development
  • Purchased in one-hour increments, min. 5
  • Discounts based on volume
  • For loosely scheduled/undefined projects

Retainer-Based Support

as low as $150


  • Offshore vs. US resource pricing
  • Dedicated part-time staff member
  • Resource works on any CRM project
  • For teams needing part-time CRM resource

Creatio Support FAQ's

It all depends on which support plan you choose. With an Admin or Premier Support Contract or contracted support like Retainer-Based, we will contact you as quickly as possible. If necessary, we will schedule a hands-on screenshare to review the issue or question. Once diagnosed, we will work with you to resolve the issue, open a case with Creatio Support on your behalf, or request that you open a case directly with Creatio Support.

Only authorized contacts should reach out to Technology Advisors. Un-authorized contacts must go through their authorized contacts to have them open a case with Technology Advisors. Authorized contacts are TAI's primary contact person at your company and/or the Creatio administrator(s). Every customer will have at least one authorized contact when they become a Technology Advisors customer. If you do not know who your authorized contact is or if the contact has changed, contact Technology Advisors Support.

If your support contract offers direct email support options, you may send a message to that email address to open a support case.

When opening a case, please provide the following information
1. Screenshot(s) of the issue(s).
2. The steps that cause the issue to occur.
3. The URL to record(s) where the issue happened.
4. Are all users affected? If not, please provide the usernames of a few specific users who are having the issue.
5. Please describe the issue further. What are the exact steps to reproduce the issue, starting with the login screen?
6. What browser and version are being used?
7. When did the issue begin?
8. When is the last time the issue occurred?
9. Has anything recently changed with Creatio: Upgrades, Data Migrations, Configuration Changes, etc?

You can respond to cases by email. Please reply to Support emails without altering the Subject. Replies must include the Case Number in the email’s subject. Ex: Re: Open Issue SR#00012345

Emails with the Case Number in the Subject are automatically attached to the case in our system. Emails with no Case Number create a new Case. For this reason, please do not report new issues in the email chain of an existing case. Please send a new email for new issues to help us prevent missing a new issue.

Cases will be closed when they are resolved or after 48 hours waiting on a customer response, excluding weekends.

Have More Questions? Contact Us.