5 CRM Tools That Will Make the Management Part Effortless

We humans are used to managing things. We manage our time, our money, our deadlines, our family obligations – it’s exhausting! So, when we get the opportunity to simplify some of those management responsibilities, it’s worth a second look. TAI partners with tools that make the management of CRM data a little less daunting. The products I’ve listed below integrate with either Infor CRM, SugarCRM, or Salesforce. So, without further ado, here are five CRM tools that will make your management tasks effortless.

Intelligence Management


The add-on module SierraCRM Process Manager Enterprise enhances the creation of workflows within SugarCRM. It automates daily tasks associated with servicing and supporting customers, meaning you spend less time managing data and more time focused on what’s important. SierraCRM’s Lead Management function sends emails, schedules calls, and creates new tasks when Leads are entered in your SugarCRM. Additionally, the program manages the contract approval process to keep your business running smoothly.

Productivity Management


Tenfold is a sales optimization platform with enhanced analytics and gamification to help your team reach company goals. It’s a hosted solution which bridges your phone and CRM in five minutes without the hassle of switching systems, or the need for enterprise software developments or yearly contracts. With three methods to input data from your phone into your CRM, Tenfold provides an easy way to take unlimited notes during calls. It features click-to-dial, call popups with CRM data, automatic call-logging, in-bound tracking, and even automates task creation based on your call notes. Tenfold currently integrates with 28 different CRM solutions, including SugarCRM and Salesforce, and will soon add Infor CRM to its growing list.

Content Management


The TAI team uses this content management tool in-house to simplify contracts. DocuSign is known as one of the fastest, easiest, most secure ways to sign, track, and store documents in the cloud. You can electronically sign nearly any document from any device, whether you’re at a workstation, on your personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and the signatures are legally binding. Not only does this save vast amounts of time waiting for documents to reach their destination, but DocuSign also ensures your documents remain secure throughout the whole transaction.


Primarily a document creation platform, Flexidocs can save some serious time when it comes to content management. It seamlessly integrates with SugarCRM or Salesforce, including custom modules, and allows you to generate contracts, quotes, and letters with one click in your CRM. You can design your documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint and incorporate any design without restriction. Flexidocs automatically pulls fields and related records into the documents you’re creating, saving countless hours of tedious work. When you’re ready, you can share those documents for e-signatures and receive real-time updates when your documents are signed and stored back in your CRM. Impressively, Flexidocs also integrates with all major eSigning platforms such as Hellosign, DocuSign, Adobe eSign, etc. This tool is so advantageous, flexibility is even part of its name.


Server-side solution XperiDo can automate the creation of documents in two clicks from any SugarCRM module list or record detail view. This is another product the TAI staff likes because it allows them to generate and deliver documents with dynamic and conditional formatting, and in multiple languages if need be. Any member of the staff can build business templates without a line of code via the extension for Microsoft Word, or perform quick content translations. XperiDo integrates with DocuSign to simplify digital transactions and signatures. It can even map your CRM fields using a step-by-step wizard or create QR codes. Now fully integrated with SugarCRM, XperiDo can run on-premises, in a private cloud, or in a SaaS mode with on-site or cloud installation options. The time-saving capabilities of this product are pretty exciting.

Hopefully the above CRM intelligence, productivity, and content management solutions gave you some ideas for minimizing some of your management woes. Use tools like these to address your administrative needs and maximize your time so you can focus on what’s important. If you have any questions about these products, would like to request a trial, or are ready to add one or more to your current CRM instance, contact us today at sales@techadv.com or 847.655.3434.

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