Successful agribusiness operations require hard work and thoughtful planning. I’m talking about topography maps, soil testing, satellite images, seed density, and the likes. How do you keep track of everything?

It’s easy for crucial data to get lost or slip between the floorboards when dealing with moderate to large operations. Data management is key, and frankly, Excel files just aren’t cutting it anymore. Agribusiness CRM is here to stay with fully customizable options to meet your specific grain, seed, livestock, fertilizer, chemical, and even retail equipment sales needs. Keep reading to discover just how functional and user-friendly CRM for agriculture really is!

#1 Accurate Predictive Analytics

Combining AI, modeling, and data mining, predictive analytics uses historical events and current trends to predict future outcomes. Agribusiness CRM feeds your collected data through predictive analytic add-ons to suggest operation improvements, such as application timing, product quantities, and pricing. Technical specialists and agronomists can use this feedback to identify actionable insights, confidently make decisions, and positively impact your bottom line.

#2 Complete Mobile Customer Data

If you’re constantly on the move, your data needs to be too. CRM for agriculture organizes key client information into detailed customer profiles, including call logs, order histories, relevant notes, and more. With advanced online and offline capabilities, sales reps can access and modify customer records in the field, at their office, or from home. This ensures your whole team sees the same updated information from multiple locations, not just field reps. Having everyone on the same page means you can build stronger customer relationships with accurate support and more helpful product recommendations.

#3 Fast Mobile Quoting

Crunching numbers can be tough when you’re constantly traveling. Mobile quoting pulls in real-time CRM data, allowing reps to build accurate quotes from wherever they are. Agribusiness CRM also gives sales reps the option to save quotes for future reference, leading to less adding and calculating for re-orders and more consistent quoting. Teams have on-the-go access to frequently used quotes and customers get their quotes faster. It’s a win-win!

#4 Detailed Forecasting Yields

Repeat customers depend on you for product year after year. Being able to quickly and accurately forecast crop yields is critical to keep returning customers committed. Agribusiness CRM eliminates guess work by monitoring field production records and tracking customer sales so you can plot field use, contact suppliers, and have product readily available when future orders come in, no matter the season.

#5 Precision Analytics

CRM for agriculture supports the concept of precision ag, a growing method aimed at maximizing crop production. Data such as soil samples, field yields, pest records, and germination rates can be aggregated into the CRM to create a 360-degree view of your operations. Reps can visualize specific data via customizable CRM dashboards for one-snapshot analysis of margins, crop volumes, dollars per ton, and more. Using this information, agronomists and technical specialists can more efficiently work with sales teams to get the right products to the right people at the right time.

#6 Full Purchase History

Agribusiness CRM software houses all customer data in one centralized location, including when orders were placed, which products were purchased, how much was ordered, and at what cost. Sales reps and customer support teams can instantly see past transactions, current orders, and future trends in real-time to anticipate sales and contact suppliers accordingly. This means higher product turnover, more money in your pocket, and returning customers.

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