This is a follow-up to our previous post on SugarCRM Report Filters, which was an overview of using filters when creating custom SugarCRM reports. In this post, we will focus specifically on run-time filters and how they can be used to make your reports even more powerful.

Run-time filters increase the flexibility of your reports by allowing users to change the report criteria each time the report is run. This can greatly decrease the number of reports needed by your organization; we have literally seen companies go from over one thousand reports in other CRM systems down to less than 100 in SugarCRM.

From the report user’s perspective, any run-time filters are clearly displayed at the top of a report so that users can see the current values for each filter.

SugarCRM Run-Time Filters

In just seconds, users can update the filter criteria and re-run the report using their newly applied filters. Like magic, they now have a different report that can be used for different analysis of the data.

Update Run-Time Filters in SugarCRM

When creating a report, any filter can be converted to a run-time filter simply by checking a checkbox.

Enabling Run-Time Filters for Reports in SugarCRM

Using run-time filters is simple and easy to do, and offers a variety of benefits. Increasing the flexibility of your reports makes it easier for users to find the report they need and identify the filters that are being applied. A single report, for example, could be used to analyze open, won, and lost opportunities, in any time period, and for any sales team(s) or user(s). Power users and administrators can spend less time creating custom reports for every user and train users, in just minutes, to use run-time filters instead.

Looking for even more information about creating custom reports in SugarCRM? Technology Advisor’s eBook, Getting Started with SugarCRM Version 6.x, includes examples and step-by-step directions to help you create your own reports and analyze your CRM data more effectively.

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