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How to Automatically Archive Emails to Sugar Using Sugar's Outlook Plugin

Sugar’s latest Outlook Plugin release includes a new setting to automatically archive both incoming and outgoing emails. Finally! To utilize this setting, you must have the latest version of Sugar’s Outlook Plug-in: version 2.6.0.

You can turn this feature on under Add-ins > SugarCRM Plug-in Settings under the new Mail tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you also go under the "Advanced" tab and check the box for "Use Category" or Sugar will continually attempt to record the email, even if it already exists!

SugarCRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Any time you send or receive an email where the email address matches a lead or contact record in Sugar, the email will automatically archive to Sugar and be linked to all the matching leads/contacts.

Tip: If you also have the Attachments setting set to Prompt the way I do, you will get a pop-up every time you send or receive an email with an attachment. I’d recommend not using the attachment prompt setting in conjunction with the “automatically archive” setting.

Check out the Release Notes and Installation Guide for more information on this new feature.

Megan Sheehan
Trainer & Business Analyst

Megan is a SugarCRM expert who helps clients design and build their CRM systems. She’s been part of the Technology Advisors team since 2012 and has written three books on SugarCRM in that time. In addition to training clients, Megan co-hosts a SugarCRM focused podcast with Justin called “Sugar Cubed CRM Talk”. She also teaches SugarCRM classes each month. Details about these courses can be found on the Sugar University webpage.

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