How to Set Up Cascading Dropdown Fields in SugarCRM

When you want the options on a dropdown list (list B) to change based on the way a different dropdown field (list A) is set, you must set up cascading dropdown fields in SugarCRM. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Setup dropdown field for list A as normal
  2. Create dropdown field for list B
  3. In the list builder, add ALL options that will be available no matter what the corresponding list A option is
  4. Check the box for dependent
  5. Select the Parent Dropdown type, and select the list A field as the Parent Dropdown
  6. Click the Visibility Editor button
    1. You will see a ‘menu’ on the left of the options you created for list B. On the right, you will see a box for each list A option.
    2. Drag the correct options for list B into each of the list A options.

Tip: You can leave some list A option boxes empty to hide list B for those list A options.

Add both fields to your record view layout and any other layouts where you want to use them.

Visibility Editor

Megan Sheehan
Trainer & Business Analyst

Megan is a SugarCRM expert who helps clients design and build their CRM systems. She’s been part of the Technology Advisors team since 2012 and has written three books on SugarCRM in that time. In addition to training clients, Megan co-hosts a SugarCRM focused podcast with Justin called “Sugar Cubed CRM Talk”. She also teaches SugarCRM classes each month. Details about these courses can be found on the Sugar University webpage.

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