Guest post by: Emily Woodman
When you make the choice to utilize email marketing campaigns to boost your ROI, the easiest method involves two simple steps:

  • Ensure that your emails reach your customers’ inboxes.
  • Provide high-quality content that is mobile-ready and a good read.

The power of email messaging goes much deeper than you might think. Statistics show that 90 percent of emails make it to a customer’s inbox, while only two percent of ads make their way onto an individual’s Facebook newsfeed.

Email marketing strategies result in positive outcomes and new customer acquisitions 40 times more often than similar ad campaigns. Not to mention, most email services are free. 

If you are serious about boosting your ROI through successful and carefully executed email campaigns, you will need to think aboutlist segmentation. Gathering pertinent information on potential customer demographics, location, purchase histories and more can help you to personalize your messages in a more efficient and optimal manner.

This could potentially increase your ROI to over 760 percent, as it highlights your messages over those of the competition. This can also flow over to sales announcements, newsletters, order tracking, welcome messages, and abandoned shopping cart reminders.

What About Mobile Users?

While many people working in an office check their emails at least twice per working day on their laptops or desktop computers, the workplace has changed greatly in recent years. With the rise of freelancers and digital nomads, not everyone is tied to a desk when completing their daily tasks.

So, more people than ever are checking their email on the go, at a rate of 53 percent of all emails accessed from mobile devices. If there’s any takeaway from these statistics, it’s that all marketing campaigns using email as the source of delivery and execution must be mobile-ready.

Beyond the aspect of business, mobile phone users, in general, are on the rise, at a rate of 20 percent annually, with no dip in sight.

Some other things to keep in mind when considering the importance of mobile-ready campaigns include:

  • Most email or newsletter subscriptions take place when utilizing a mobile device.
  • One-third of clicks occur when reviewing information on a mobile device.
  • Over 70 percent of emails read on mobile devices are read again at least a second time.
  • Approximately 65 percent of the messages that are re-read result in a click.

The good news is that there are a number of simple methods that can be used to optimize email campaigns to ensure they are mobile-ready. The landing pages are especially crucial to make mobile-ready, as those are the clicks that most email strategies are truly after, and where most links are directed.

Not to mention, individuals love to access videos from their smartphones. This means that not only can your email campaigns include high-quality content and eye-grabbing images, but they may also boast captivating videos. While video content is not a “must,” think of the strategies that can revolve around their implementation!

What Are the Statistics?

Ideas and strategies can be very appealing, but statistics help us visualize the real-world scenarios.

Email campaigns can raise up to $44 for every single dollar that is spent. However, to ensure that only the highest quality content is sent, it's important to use intriguing subject lines and set to optimal timelines. Subject lines should be seven words, or 41 characters, on average. While texting has given way to the rise of sentences and subjects without question marks or exclamation points, these punctuation marks are worthwhile to consider for adding substance to a subject line.

Of course, the number of emails must be observed, as too many may be seen as a nuisance. In fact, approximately 78 percent of individuals unsubscribe to emails that are sent too frequently or are too persistent.

Instead of many users opting to unsubscribe to emails that are of no interest to them or come too often, they may click the “spam” button. And we all know what that means for an email campaign, especially if it happens repeatedly.  

roi using email

How Do You Ensure Deliverability?

Once you take all of this information into account, the last factor for deliverability is selecting a reputable email client, based on reviews from trusted sites, personal experience, and references.

Avoid any words or phrases that could possibly trigger the email as spam, and you should always include an “unsubscribe” option at the end of the email message. This, too, will prevent your intended recipients from flagging it, especially if they don’t recall signing up to receive emails or newsletters from your company.

Furthermore, to ensure that your campaigns are successful, you’ll need to keep track of your open-rate statistics, be sure your email service provider has not been blacklisted on sites likes MX Toolbox, and never purchase email lists. Now, all you have to do is hit “send"!

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