Creatio Field Hints

Improving Usability: Adding Field Hints in Creatio

Sometimes small tweaks to how a field looks on a screen can make a big difference in usability and improve the quality of data captured. Adding field hints is one way to improve this usability in Creatio. 

Take for example a field like "Alternative Name" on the Account screen in Creatio. It is a generic field that lets you type alternative names for a company. Depending on your business, it might be necessary to clearly indicate what that field was meant to contain. You might want users to type a meaningful value like the official (Doing Business As) name in that field so you have it for legal purposes.

Creatio field Also Known As

The Creatio field configuration has some settings that can help with this. To place a hint in the field, use "placeholder" text which will make it show up as a light gray hint to clearly indicate what that field was meant to contain. Use the following code snippet to add the necessary configuration to the field.

Creatio code snippet

Once you do this, refresh your page and a helpful hint should show up in the field with the text you specify.

Creatio field hint in grey

Now put your cursor in this field and the hint will automatically disappear and let you type in whatever you need. This handy tip should help Creatio users better understand the purpose of a field, and hopefully enhance the quality of data entered into it.

Creatio field hints

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