Sugar version 7.6 introduces role-based views and role-based dropdowns for Enterprise and Ultimate subscriptions. These new administrator configurations offer greater flexibility for enterprise implementations to customize screens and dropdown options for various types of users across the organization.

Role-based views enable different screen layouts for different users. Using user groups defined by the existing Roles functionality in SugarCRM, Role-based views allow administrators to create different Record View layouts for each Role as needed. This enables them to highlight key data for that type of user, for example, as well as showing sensitive data to just the right people (such as management). The views are all managed in Studio with the existing layout tool, and layouts can be copied from one role to another when only minor differences are needed.

SugarCRM Role Based Views

Similarly, Role-based dropdowns allow different dropdown values for different users. So, for example, management approval options can be made available only to management. Again, this new feature gives administrators the ability to better configure options and screens to match the needs of various types of users.

SugarCRM Role Based Dropdowns
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