Recently we were tasked with importing data for a client who acquired a company that also used SalesLogix. There  were a couple of Account based tables that needed to be imported for historical reference ONLY.

We were surprised to note that whoever originally did the SalesLogix implementation for the acquired company decided to create the table with a flat structure. We literally had 100-300 fields per table! 

Our thought was to be able to simply bundle up the table from the old environment and apply it to our production system. Eventually the data in these tables would be old enough and we could simply drop the tables from SalesLogix.

We decided to use our own  ETL tool,  StarfishETL, to import the data from the old system to the new. The thought of mapping several hundred fields was depressing. Luckily Starfish has an "auto map" feature that came in handy to automatically link all fields that had the same name. This saved a ton of effort in having to manually map fields as well as reduced any mistakes I could make with a screen full of fields to map.

StarfishETL Auto Map Feature

For more details on the mapping options in StarfishETL, click on the following link to go to the starfish documentation site:

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