For some time, SugarCRM integrated with Google Drive to allow you to "attach" files from Google Drive to records in SugarCRM. This functionality then disappeared from Sugar. Yesterday I found that Sugar was advertising on their website that there is an integration with Google Docs and Google Drive. I was determined to figure out how to set this up. I started with the Sugar Community and found this thread that explains why the integration went away:

This issue is likely related to Sugar not yet supporting OAuth 2, which is now required for Google's 2-step Verification. Sugar currently uses ClientLogin which has been deprecated by Google. However, we are scheduled to support OAuth 2 with the release of, which is our next planned 7.6 release.

I upgraded my test instance to and was then able to enable the Google integration. The steps are a little convoluted, but I did find some Admin and End User documentation that was very useful.

My only request is that they update this integration to work with Sugar Notes. Right now it only works with Sugar Documents.

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