Sugar 7.6 includes a number of updates to the user interface (UI). These small but powerful changes enhance user personalization and searching capabilities.

The first major UI change is the ability to adjust column widths on list views and subpanels. This is a great enhancement because longer values are now easier to read. Administrators can set default widths for each field on the list view and subpanel layouts. Users can then personalize and refine the views by dragging and dropping the column dividers in the headers to exactly the width they want.

SugarCRM List View Column Width Subpanels

The Saved Reports Chart dashlet is used to display the chart portion of any standard or custom report on home pages and other dashboards. In Sugar 7.6, this dashlet gained new configurability options, allowing users to share a report but customize how the chart is displayed on their dashboards. Most important is the ability to select a chart type – horizontal and vertical bar charts, pie charts, funnel charts, and line charts are all options. Users can personalize the chart further by adding axis labels, selecting where to display group values, and formatting options for how ticks are displayed.

SugarCRM Saved Reports Chart Dashlet

Sugar 7.6 also includes several new options for filters. Date fields now include options for yesterday, today, and tomorrow in filters. This adds new flexibility for using filters for dashlets such as cases created today, leads created yesterday, or tasks due tomorrow, to name just a few ideas.

Sugar 7.6 also added support for filtering on flex relate fields, giving users another way to search for the data they need.

My next blog post will take a look at enhancements to the Revenue Line Items module, available in Sugar Enterprise and Professional. Check back soon or subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss it!

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