In SugarCRM, there are four main types of reports: rows and columns, summation, summation with details, and matrix. When you create a custom report, it is essential that you select the right report type to fit your needs. Any report you create will have drill-through capabilities for a deeper analysis of the data. 

A rows and columns report displays data in rows and columns like a table. They are typically used to display information about records that meet specific criteria. This is similar to a saved search, but provides you with the capability to select the appropriate columns for display and use other reporting features.

SugarCRM Closed Opportunities
Example: All Closed Opportunities

Rows and columns reports are the only type of report that can be exported as a .csv file, which you can open with a spreadsheet application such as Excel.

A summation report totals numeric data for records that meet specific criteria. The records can be grouped by date or by another field for comparison. A summation report is visual in nature, and has drill-through capabilities for deeper analysis. 

sugarcrm meetings by team user
Example: Meetings by Team by User

A summation report can also be shown as a chart on a Dashlet on your Home Page.

A summation with details report provides a chart as with a summation report, but it also provides further details about the records displayed in the chart. The record details are displayed in the same groups shown on the chart.

sugar opps by lead source
Example: Opportunities by Lead Source

A summation with details report provides a nice middle ground between a visual chart and details about the data.

A matrix report, similar to a summation report, displays totals calculated from specified data. However, a matrix report uses a grid view rather than a chart view, similar to a pivot chart.

sugarcrm open opps by type
Example: Open Opportunities by Type by Expected Close Month

When you are planning to create a new report in SugarCRM, make sure that you take time first to consider which type of report will best fit your needs. Each report can be useful in different situations, and each requires different information to create.

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