We are naturally resistant to change. It’s part of being human. We find comfort in the familiar, in our habits and our predictable outcomes. So, what happens when we must learn something new? We resist. We dodge the inevitable, and we rationalize the reasons why. Most times, though, once we’ve learned the thing we’ve been hiding from, we can’t imagine returning to our old ways.  

Technology Advisors understands how scary an uncharted CRM may seem to your teams, but our years of CRM experience have also taught us that those fears are often misguided. Proper training, broken down into easily digestible bites, can turn even the most resistant employee into a software pseudo-genius.  

Our certified trainers offer CRM courses for end users, administrators, sales, services, and marketing departments to create a personalized approach to CRM training. We acclimate your teams to their new product and show them how to get the most from all it offers.  Classes are conducted online, at our training center in Chicago, or at your office, depending on your needs. To learn about our upcoming courses, visit our training pages.

Teach Me to Use Creatio

Teach Me to Use Infor CRM

Teach Me to Use SugarCRM