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IT Sapiens Analytic Reporting Tool helps you produce effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a Sugar BI plug-in with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, and a quick and easy setup. The tool helps managing detailed data, with summary and pivot tables, all in real-time, and it has a variety of attractive and useful charts.

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Funnel, Gauge, GEO Charts, 3-Axes, & More!

Available chart types are: Pie, Line, Bar, Area, Funnel, Gauge (Speedometer), Geographic chart and chart with 2 vertical axes, which gives the user the ability to compare different scales (sum of values and count can be added to the same chart, for example).

Charts can be added to dashlets and can be exported as pictures (.png format). Charts are interactive, with a drill down, and are highly customizable. Charts are interactive - by mousing over the chart area you can see the value represented. Through the click to chart area you can drill down to the detailed data represented.

100+ Pre-Defined Reports with Charts, Including a Summary for all Activities by User or Customer 

Analytic Reporting Tool has more than 100 pre-defined report templates which are organized in Folder Tree by areas. Number of tasks, leads, opportunities, etc. can all be included in one report. Pre-defined reports save you a lot of time and complexity for new report creation. By looking at the report title and description, you will be able to quickly find reports according to your needs. Modify only a few things, if needed, and save a copy as your new report.

Add Your Own Calculated Functions

You can calculate your own function from the source field values and/or constants to be added to the report. Available functions include: adding, subtraction, division, multiplication, date(time) adding/subtraction (incl. today), If.... then...else


Email Integration

Add Your Own Formatted Excel Templates

Add your own formatted excel templates and schedule reports via email (in Excel, PDF attachment, or link to the report). Pivot (Matrix) and other summary/detailed report types are available as well. Your summary levels are unlimited!

The following report types are available: Detailed, Detailed with Summaries, Summary and Pivot Summary tables. Unlimited number of summary levels can be added for each report. Various grouping and sorting options for each level are available.

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Unlimited Potential

Enjoy unlimited levels of groups and summaries for any report. 

Modification Power

Calculate your own functions and modify your reports and charts with filters, sorting and grouping criteria.

Compare & Manage

Generate detailed charts to effectively compare sales results and manage income & expenses.

IT Sapiens Resources

Analytic Reporting Tool Pricing Information

All Sugar system users with active status are taken into account in relation to pricing, even if not everyone has access to the Analytic Reporting Tool. Customers can use a 30 day free trial of Analytic Reporting Tool. In order to apply, you must provide your Sugar version, Sugar system url (link), and number of active users for a PRO version.

IT Sapiens Features Comparisons

What's the difference between the features of the Basic and Pro versions of IT Sapiens? Which one do I need? Check out this quick reference guide for the facts on IT Sapiens Basic versus Pro. 

IT Sapiens User Manual

Download this user manual to learn how to maximize your use of the IT Sapiens program. This 54-page user manual is your guide to tool feature overviews, report insights, learning how to share and give permissions, understanding chart settings and options, and more. 

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