With current marketing processes, companies have figured out a way to automate their operations more effectively to better retain leads. In fact, 80% of marketing automation users have indicated an increase in leads. With Sugar Market, users have the ability to streamline their campaigns, analyze their prospects and qualifying contacts, and analyze engagements all underneath one platform. Here are the top 5 features within Sugar Market that can help lead you to marketing success.

#1 Listeners

Event or lead/contact listeners are tools used to automate your sales and marketing processes. Listeners act as a ‘connector’ between your CRM and Sugar Market. For example, ‘listeners’ can define parameters of when to add or remove a contact from a marketing campaign.

How do ‘listeners’ work?

Simple. They run automatically in the background every few minutes to make sure your data is always up-to-date. There are two different types of listeners: “On Insert” and “On Update”. On Insert is used when a record is added from the CRM into Sugar Market.

On Update allows you to enable a field tracking setting prior to updating or being fully live. Remember, setting ‘listeners’ requires if/then statements in order to truly maximize the potential of this tool. So make sure you thoughtfully choose which attributes are important within your processes.

#2 Lists, Most Importantly Dynamic Lists

Marketing automation solutions thrive on lists. Marketers need accurate, segmented lists to do their jobs well. There are different ways to segment your contact/leads in Sugar, but more importantly, those segmentation options are dynamic.

What does that mean?

Static lists used to be the main approach to list building in marketing automation. You define the criteria, set it, and then keep that list as it was originally defined. However, inside Sugar Market, you have the ability to create dynamic lists, which are automatically running in the background. These lists are identifying changes about your contacts/leads and adding them or removing them from lists based on qualifying measures you define. That’s huge!

Whether you are segmenting them based on their geographic location, job title, or engagement history, being able to pinpoint and accurately identify your target audience can help you uncover your best fitting customer.

It is all about automating your process. Dynamic lists allow marketers to focus their time on improving other aspects within the business, rather than manually creating lists.

#3 Effective Marketing Messaging

With omnichannel experiences being so crucial these days, it is all about creating the best version of your website and the best performing emails. What messaging truly attracts your visitors? Is your current Web layout really effective? Or are your visitors confused by the navigation of the page? Using Sugar Market’s effective A/B testing, marketers have the ability to test different landing page and email variations to identify which version is more likely to convert visitors.

Sugar Market gives you a few options of ‘testing variables’. These are different elements that can be used to verify the best version of your marketing efforts. Sugar Market’s A/B testing helps streamline your marketing messages to maximize effectiveness, making your life simple!

 Here are a few examples of Sugar Market’s email and landing page A/B testing options:

  • Email Subject Line
  • Email Content
  • Calls to Action
  • Contact Form Fields

The thing about using Sugar Market’s A/B testing is that it is easy to use, making your day easier and helping your marketing message be more impactful.

#4 "Top" Leads

Being able to accurately identify your ‘top’ contacts/leads is a neat feature within Sugar Market. Using a ‘points’ system allows you to set parameters that will give your contacts/leads a score, automatically.

For instance, let’s say we decide to assign ’10 points’ to a contact/lead that submits a form through one of our marketing campaigns. Therefore, any contact/lead that fills out a form, using the email you sent, will receive 10 points in your system. This helps you identify whether they are truly interested in your product or service. You determine the lead scoring parameters based on what’s important to your marketing goals. Should more points be assigned to someone who has both filled out a form and registered for a webinar? The more points an individual accrues, the more you understand their motivations. You can then use these insights to accurately qualify them as MQL’s that are ready to convert.

Remember, the overall purpose of this is to profile the highest quality contact/leads to make data-backed marketing decisions.

#5 Impressive Web Tracking Capabilities

Sugar Market’s web tracking capabilities provide insight on how well your marketing efforts are translating on your website. Using Sugar Market’s advanced analytics, you have the ability to view real-time details of your website activities, which is great! You can view information such as which keyword was used to find your website, or even the name of the individual’s company/organization that visited your website. These are all valuable factors for gauging website engagement and SEO.

You can also filter and share the web tracking activities in detail. Whether you are drilling into which path the user took in order to end up on your website or providing detailed information regarding the IP address or pages visited, Sugar Market’s advanced analytics can accurately identify what is really driving traffic to your website.

For more information on how Sugar Market can help lead your marketing success, contact our team here at TAI for a consultation.

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