SalesLogix has two methods of accessing your data when you are not in the office: Remote Desktop and Remote Database.

The remote desktop option allows you to log into a computer that is in your office from wherever you may be. If this is a method that multiple people will use, often then a terminal server will need to be set up with SalesLogix installed on it. Some type of VPN will also have to be set up so that your company's local network can be accessed from the outside.

The remote database option allows you to have a copy of the database on your computer. Depending on your access in SalesLogix this could be the entire Database or just the accounts you have access to. When utilizing the Remote Database you can access and update your data even when you have no internet connection. When you have a connection you will run a synchronization cycle with the main database. This will send any changes you have made since and any updates made by other users since your last synchronization. This method requires an additional server (the Synchronization server) to be set up at the office and some method of accessing the upload/download directory (VPN, FTP, etc).

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Remote Desktop allows for instant updating of accounts. Other network users see changes as soon as you make them and you see their changes as well. If you are remotely accessing your office desktop to use SalesLogix then you have access to all of your files just like you would if you were sitting at your desk. If multiple users are accessing a terminal server, then only one computer needs to be maintained and updated vs. multiple individual laptops out in the field.

The downside of Remote Desktop is that you must have an active internet connection the entire time you are using SalesLogix. Plus the connection needs to be stable and reasonably fast so that you don't have any annoying lag between what you are doing and what displays on the screen.

The Remote Database allows you to access and update your data even if you do not have an internet connection at the time. All of your data is stored on your computer. You can add accounts and update contacts at any time.

The main disadvantage of the Remote Database is that you have to synchronize your SalesLogix with the main database to send/receive changes. The process is generally very quick but this means that others will not see the updates you have made and you will not see theirs until you have an internet connection and run a synchronization cycle. If you are offline for two days you will not see any new information entered during that time until you sync.

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