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GDPR & Infor CRM

What is Infor CRM doing to prepare its system for the GDPR? Let’s take a quick look at how Infor is approaching GDPR compliance and the steps its teams are taking to ensure success.

The first move Infor CRM took towards GDPR compliance was to assess privacy risks by mapping where their data was flowing. This process included documentation of how data is collected, processed, and stored; what kinds of data the company has in its possession; if they’ve disclosed any of that data with third parties; and how long they’ve been holding onto old data.  As of December 2017, Infor was in the process of migrating its business software portfolio to the Cloud. So, along with the data mapping, Infor incorporated stricter standards for data protection as they laid out the technology roadmap. The company has plans for maintaining GDPR compliance and continuing to evaluate processes as its products evolve.

Infor’s Business Innovation team took additional actions to keep the product compliant. While the process includes several layers, here’s a synopsis of the major activities:

  • Reassessing processes for how data is maintained in Infor CRM, including updates to the data throughout its lifecycle (such as suppression or data deletion)
  • Deploying new systems to protect IT infrastructure for on-premises and Cloud
  • Omni-channel management to coordinate data coming into Infor CRM from multiple places
  • Managing archived data and reassessing retention policies
  • Making sure the system gives individuals a way to connect to their personal data
  • Categorizing personal data by type and purpose
  • Enabling the ability to freeze, suppress, redact, and erase information permanently
  • Enabling personal data to be moved from one tech stack to another
  • Deploying systems for breach response that identify impacted users and notify relevant parties
  • Ensuring archived data is managed and deleted in accordance with GDPR policies

To learn how Infor is preparing its marketing communications for GDPR, visit their blog.

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