In Infor CRM, there is a database table called GROUPSTATS.  It was added in version 8.1.  This table tracks how often users select each group. It keeps a count of each time the owner uses the group, as well as each time anyone who has access to the group uses it.

For example, if I create a group named “All Accounts in Illinois” and share it with my company, one field will show how many times I use it, and the other will show how many times everyone else has opened it (all users together, not each user individually).  The count can help determine how often certain groups are used so when it’s time to clean out old groups, it’s easier to decide which ones are no longer useful.

This will show the name of the group (Plugin.Name), the family (account, contact, etc), how many times the owner/creator of the group opened it (OnwerUsageCount), and how often all the users it was released to opened it (ReleaseUsageCount). 

This is what the SQL statement should return:

Infor sql query
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