In SalesLogix Web, when you create an “E-mail/Letter/Fax Using Template” it can be a little confusing what happens to the document and how to update it.  Here are the steps for creating and updating a Quote using the Mail Merge engine.

Surf to the contact you want to quote and click the Write button -> Letter -> and select the Template you wish to use.  Or click More Templates and find the template you wish to use.

Mail Merge in SalesLogix Web

Once the merge is complete, the new document is displayed in the Attachments tab:

New Mail Merge Attachment on Contact

You can save the document to your local hard drive by clicking on the hyperlink in the Attachment column.  If you wish to change the name of the document once you have downloaded it, you can upload and overwrite the previous document by clicking on the row and clicking the edit pencil:

Edit attachment in SalesLogix Web

Here you have the option to change the description that displays in the Attachment column or upload a new file to overwrite the current file:

Update Mail Merge Description in SalesLogix Web

Here is the result:

Updated Mail Merge File name in SalesLogix Web Attachments

You can see that the file name in the File field was updated as well as the Description, which displays in the Attachment column of the grid.

Both of these values may not need to be changed.  Users and your Company will have to decide what works best for them.

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