Everything You Need to Know About SugarCRM Hint

It’s here! The release of SugarCRM Hint has been long anticipated, and to be frank, its hype is well deserved. Hint is a revolutionary tool that brings intelligence into relationship management, leading to more efficient teams across the board. Let’s take a closer look at the new features of SugarCRM Hint.

What is SugarCRM Hint?

SugarCRM Hint is the debut product of Sugar’s new Relationship Intelligence line.  It simplifies the tedious process of gathering customer information by pulling in a customer’s full social and corporate profile “from more than 70 data sources.” With a few simple clicks, sales, marketing, and service reps can complete a query of the Web in mere seconds. Hint by SugarCRM takes a prospect’s name and email ID and automatically searches the Internet for the most recent personal and company information available. This plethora of information is immediately filled into the appropriate field of the CRM record. Here’s a list of information fields Hint searches for:

Personal Fields Company Fields
Social media profiles* Social media profiles*
Contact info (phone numbers, etc.) Company size
Current position & company Industry
Education Location
Previous jobs Description

                                                                                          *Social media includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Any personal or company social media profiles appear as links that reps can click through to each respective page. Additionally, Hint provides a detailed CRM Activity History for each customer. The record reflects the calls, meetings, email exchanges, and other activities, making it easy to see how involved each customer is.

Even more exciting is that SugarCRM’s Relationship Intelligence product line will evolve to use the Hint data to guide reps with recommended “next best step” instructions for each customer. This customization will make it simple for sales reps to quickly determine their plan of approach to close more sales.

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What are the Benefits?

Everyone knows that sales reps are the first human touchpoint in online sales. This means that they are the first personalized interaction with potential customers. Traditionally, sales reps spend approximately 30% of their time researching and entering data while prospecting. Hint by SugarCRM frees up this 30% by automatically researching and entering the resulting data within a matter of seconds. Sales teams can use that extra time to make more calls to prospects, ultimately leading to more sales. The personalization Hint provides makes customers feel welcome and confident that they will be taken care of each step of the way.


  • Available June 27th for Sugar Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions**
  • Requires Sugar 7.8 and above
  • $15 per user per month = $180 annual list price
  • 1:1 requirement with Sugar License

**Currently available in the United States only, other geographies coming soon.

If you have questions about Hint, would like to see a demo, or are ready to add it to your existing SugarCRM instance, contact us today at sales@techadv.com or 847.655.3434.

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