SalesLogix has a handy feature that has been around through many versions of the software. Some organizations use the feature, some have never heard of it, some will never have a use for it. If you read the title, you would know that I am talking, of course, about hiding tabs.

If your SalesLogix users complain about having too much going on at the bottom of their screen, and you do not want to spend time training each one of them on how they can hide unuseful tabs, you can take care of it for everyone, yourself.

If you are using SalesLogix LAN clients, you would take care of this in the Administrator, or Architect applications. This has not changed over the course of new SalesLogix versions. If you would like to remove tabs in the SalesLogix WEB client; however, things work a little differently...

Log into the Application Architect. In the Project Explorer, expand the Portal Manager. Next, expand SalesLogix, and finally, the Pages folder. Double click on the Detail view you want to remove the tab(s) from (Account Detail, Contact Detail, etc...). In the Smart Parts window on the main view, select the tab titles you want to remove and click the delete button. In the screenshot below, I am removing the Contracts tab from Accounts.

Don't worry, you are not permanently deleting the tab. You can always add it back using the plus button right next to the remove button.

This is a quick fix to help overwhelmed users only see the options that will be useful to them.

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