In a recent SugarCRM online user group, our experts highlighted an important update to email configurations that will take effect within the next year. Microsoft and Google announced last year that they’d be making changes to enforce the use of 0Auth2 to make email connections more secure. Due to COVID-19, these changes have been delayed, but it’s important to prepare your SugarCRM now so you’re ready when the change happens.

In the clip below, Megan Sheehan explains these changes and how they affect your email configuration. Read on to find documentation and instructions on how to apply Microsoft and Google email configuration changes in your SugarCRM instance.

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What is Changing?

In the past, SugarCRM used an older version of email security allowed by both Microsoft and Google. With these upcoming changes, Microsoft and Google will push people to adopt the more modern 0Auth2 security standards. These changes will force those using email configuration to revise email settings in their Sugar v10.2+ instance.

“Sugar supports OAuth2 connections to Google Mail and Exchange Online when configuring the outbound system email account, user email accounts, as well as inbound email accounts.

Customers with existing Google or Microsoft Exchange email configurations in Sugar are encouraged to update their email settings by configuring the Google or Microsoft connector via Admin > Connectors to re-establish their email accounts using the new Google/Exchange Online options as they are more secure. Eventually, both Google and Microsoft will end support for the "old" basic authentication access.”

Who Can Make These Changes?

If your company uses Google, an Admin for your Google or Google Apps account must make the changes. For Microsoft users, the changes must be made by an Admin in your Microsoft Azure account.

The Sugar instance must be updated to 10.2 before any of the changes can be made. In addition, the Google or Microsoft connector must first be enabled by going to Admin > Connectors > Set Connector Properties.

Where Can I Find More Information on Email Configuration?

 Here are some helpful links to reference as you begin this process:

  1. Documentation about the new standards from Microsoft Tech Community and G Suite Updates.
  2. Information from SugarCRM on creating outgoing email accounts in 10.2 can be found here.
  3. Instructions from SugarCRM on setting connector properties can be found here.

​ If you need help or have questions, contact your Technology Advisors support representative. We are happy to guide you through this process.

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