Not only is e-mail marketing exceptionally cost-effective, email-marketing has the highest Return on Investment of any form of direct marketing. Last month, Chris Gordon, Channel Manager at Swiftpage, joined Technology Advisors to talk about "The 6 Rules of E-Marketing." 

A recent statistic showed us that 74% of adults prefer marketing delivered to them via email over any other source. Give the people what they want! Here is my overview of The 6 Rules of E-Marketing:

1) Use a reputable email service provider

Using a reputable email service provider keeps you Spam compliant, gets your emails delivered, helps you easily manage opt-in/outs and duplicates, and gives you access to metrics and reports that provide feedback.

2) It all starts with the list

It is essential to build lists to maintain your database. Swiftpage actually has a survey component built into it that helps you to intelligently update your database. On your website itself, it's important to put newsletter sign-ups, or other offers, on every page of your site to assist in the building of your lists. Don't be afraid to offer incentives, just limit the amount of information you are asking from your prospects. 

3) Create a message with meaning

  • Gripping subject lines - first impression is key
  • Short subjects - less than 35 characters yields higher opens and click rates
  • Get personal - add custom fields in the body to address individuals by name
  • Short and simple - keep lengthy descriptions on your own website landing pages
  • 3 second rule - show your reader in 3 seconds or less why they want to read your message
  • A picture is worth a thousand words - use professional images
  • Quality over quantity - shorter emails are more likely to be read completely
  • Social sharing - allow your readers to share with the rest of their network

4) Provide unmistakable action 

Showcase your call-to-action multiple times. Perhaps include a linked button in the top half of your email and a text link in the bottom half. Make sure your links are placed so your readers do not have to search for them. 

5) Get ready to hit inboxes!

User spam checkers to see how your email will rate when it goes out. Industry standard metrics are between 20-30% for open rates and 3-5% for click-through rates.

6) Metrics that matter

It is crucial to evaluate your metrics to increase your conversions. After every email blast you send out you should compare:

  • Delivered vs. Opened
  • Opens vs. Clicks
  • Delivered vs. Sent
  • Bounced
  • Opt-outs

For ways to improve your metrics you can constantly test your:

  • Subject line
  • Call-to-action placement
  • Content relevancy
  • E-mail length
  • E-mail timing delivery

When it comes to e-mail marketing, more often than not, the more time you spend on a particular campaign, the higher ROI your campaign will generate. It's one of the great areas of marketing that requires much more time than money.

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